10 Tips for Choosing a Rehab Facility

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Ready for recovery? Use these 10 tips for choosing a rehab facility

Deciding to enter a detox and rehab facility is a life-changing and wonderful commitment. Because each addiction rehab has their own unique aspects, consider these tips for choosing a rehab facility that works with your needs. In addition to asking the right questions, reading testimonials from others who have gone through the facility’s program can also prove helpful when choosing a rehabilitation facility.

If you have never been in an addition rehab center before, you might be wondering what to look for in a drug rehab facility. From program types and insurance questions to alternative care, knowing which areas to pay attention to when researching rehab centers is key to finding your match.

Consider these 10 tips for choosing a rehab facility for yourself or a loved one:

1. Consider the location: There are countless rehab facilities around the United States, with options ranging from quiet, country-type settings to those located in major cities. Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life or peace and quiet, decide which location suits you best. Being comfortable in your surroundings will impact your experience while in rehab. In addition, it isn’t uncommon for someone to enter a rehab facility located away from their home. Some addicts desire to be away from their typical surroundings while others want to be close to their family. Choose what works best for you.

2. Determine if patients get customized treatment – With addition rehabilitation, one size does not fit all. Some rehab facilities will customize treatments based on an individual’s addiction, medical issues, psychological/co-occurring disorders and more. Since rehab can literally mean the difference between life and death for some people, it is important to have a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique situation.

3. Look for a licensed, certified and accredited center – Because someone enters rehab at such a vulnerable time in his or her life, it is crucial to be in the hands of a facility that is properly licensed, accredited and offer the highest level of care. Don’t be shy when asking to see a facility’s credentials, in addition to their reviews from neutral third party evaluations.

4. Ask about the facility’s mission statement/principles – When choosing a rehabilitation facility, realize each one is based on specific principles. Some may lean towards a 12-Step program curriculum while others might be more religion based. Choose one that lines up with your personal beliefs to ensure you are comfortable while working through the rehabilitation process.

5. Determine the cost and role of insurance – Depending on your length of stay, the size and location of the facility, what programs are offered, etc. cost will most likely be a determining factor in your decision. Inquire about the cost of the program and determine if your insurance (if applicable) will help cover any of the cost.

6. Will you engage in any alternative therapies? – Many rehab facilities today offer alternative therapies to those in their program. This can range from pet and art therapy to nutrition program, exercise classes, massage, acupuncture, nature therapy, cooking, gardening and more.

7. How much involvement will your family have? – Ask the rehab facilities you are considering if your family will play a role in your recovery. For example, they may be a part of family counseling or participate in specific meetings or activities.

8. Are qualified medical professionals available 24/7? – This is key, especially when going through the detoxification process. Some people undergoing detox can experience mild to severe side effects and symptoms. Medical personnel can administer drugs to stop these side effects, as well as perform life-savings interventions if needed.

9. Consider the atmosphere – You will find when choosing a rehabilitation facility that some centers will have more a relaxed, retreat type of atmosphere while others are more medical/clinical in nature. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, rather it is more dependent on your personal preference. You will most likely be spending a decent amount of time at the center, so you want your surroundings to be comfortable!

10. Can I speak to my family while in the rehab center? – Depending on the rehab, contact with any outsiders may be limited while you concentrate on recovery. Some rehabs allow contact through phone calls, mail and visits. Ask for specifics when narrowing down your choice of rehab.

There are so many aspects regarding what to look for in a drug rehab facility. The above areas can help you get started on your search for the ideal rehab center for you.