Choosing the Right Rehab Guide

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Learn about choosing the right rehab facility that meets your specific addiction needs

If you or a loved one is ready to break free of addiction, you might be wondering how to choose a drug rehab facility that is best for your or a loved one’s needs. Picking the best rehab is a very individualized choice, and one that may work for one person may not necessarily work for the next person. Drug rehabs and detox facilities vary in methods and offered treatments. Some offer inpatient programs, while others offer inpatient and outpatient programs, alternative therapies, and more. There are rehabs that are designed to project a casual, retreat like atmosphere, while others are more clinical.

Although time is of the essence, choosing the right rehab should be a process where research and questions are involved. Speaking with staff members at facilities you are interested in is a great way to have your questions answered. Staff members can tell you the programs and therapies that are available, what a typical day is like in the rehab facility, if medical personnel are on staff 24/7, if detoxing is available, what type of counseling is provided and more. Another way to get a good idea if a drug rehab facility is right for you is to look for reviews from men and women who have been through that facility’s programs. You can find many reviews online and typically these reviews are extremely honest.

When it comes times to choose the right drug rehab facility, you may want to research the success rates of facilities in the U.S. Just like some hospitals have better reviews and success rates than others, the same is true for drug rehab facilities. If you are wondering what some of the most successful rehab programs are in America, here are a few choices with very high ratings of success:

1. Solutions Recovery Center – This modern facility located in Florida offers patients the feeling of being “at home” while undergoing treatment. The success rate at this facility is near 95% and the environment is best for men between the ages of 24 and 60.

2. Promises Treatment Center – Also sporting a high recovery rate of over 90%, Promises Treatment Center has locations in Texas and California. The atmosphere is clean and modern, and the facilities are said to be best for men or women ages 24-45 who are dealing with drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and have co-occurring disorders.

3. Cirque Lodge – Uniquely located in Utah, this upscale rehab facility has over an 85% recovery rate and works with men and women who need treatment for substance abuse and alcoholism.

4. Caron Foundation – The Caron Foundation is distinctive for many reasons, such as working with both teens and adults, and for offering an individualized, gender separate approach. Located on 110 beautiful acres in Pennsylvania, you can expect peace in this destination. With a recovery rate of over 80%, this program is great for those younger in age dealing with drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

5. Sierra Tucson – Continually named one of the best drug rehab facilities in the U.S., patients here receive individualized treatment, a facility with everything someone could need, and a pristine location. Sierra Tucson has over an 80% recovery rate and works with men and women dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.

This is just a very small sampling of the some of the most successful rehab programs in the United States. There are literally over 10,000 drug rehab facilities to choose from, each one unique in its programs, services, price, environment, location and more.

Choosing the right rehab is crucial to your recovery success. If you have pinpointed several facilities that piqué your interest, read our article on which questions to ask before choosing a rehab center. The answers to these questions can quickly help you narrow down your search.

If the process of choosing the right rehab seems overwhelming, ask a trusted friend, spouse, or family member to help you do the research and/or accompany you to a consultation where you are able to ask questions and learn more information. Having adequate information will help you choose the right drug rehab facility quickly and get you on the road to recovery.