Gender Specific vs Coed Rehabs and Treatment

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Is coed or single gender rehab treatment best for your longterm recovery? Gender specific vs coed rehabs are explored…

Rehab treatment centers can be gender specific, meaning the residents are all females or all males, or co-ed, where males and females undergo treatment together. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of rehab, and the decision to enter a gender specific or co-ed rehab center is a matter of personal choice. A comparison of gender specific vs coed rehabs may help clarify which option offers the best chance of long-term recovery for you or a loved one.

Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships are discouraged while undergoing rehab in an addiction treatment center. While someone is recovering from substance abuse, they need to focus on identifying and eliminating the issues that caused their addiction, without the added complications of establishing a romantic relationship with another person. In co-ed rehab treatment centers, rehab romances and hook-ups frequently occur, even when they are strongly discouraged by staff. Patients who identify as heterosexual may find that attending a gender specific addiction treatment center removes the temptation to engage in rehab romance.

Living Arrangements

Some female patients, particularly ones who have experienced sexual abuse, may not feel safe undergoing residential rehab in close proximity with males. For these patients, single gender rehabilitation provides a measure of safety and security that may make it easier to concentrate on dealing with their substance abuse. One of the benefits of gender specific treatment for substance abuse is it allows for therapy that is focused on the particular issues that substance addiction creates for each specific sex. This includes prenatal care for pregnant women who are addicted, dealing with childcare issues unique to each sex, etc. For some individuals, learning how to interact with and relate to members of the opposite sex in a coed rehab setting can be extremely helpful. Discovering that support and encouragement can come from both sexes can build the foundation for a stable relationship in the future. Weighing the difference between male or female vs coed rehab centers depends on the patient’s individual needs.

Group Therapy

In order for rehab therapy to be effective, patients need to deal honestly with the issues related to their addiction. Participation in group therapy sessions is an important part of the recovery process. Gender specific rehab centers can provide a safe haven where individuals can discuss incidents that cause them anger or shame, particularly sexual and self-esteem issues, without feeling they are being judged or found wanting in the eyes of members of the opposite sex. On the other hand, some inidviduals may benefit from the wider perspective they gain with the participation of both males and females in group discussions.

After care

A critical part of addiction rehab is preparing patients for the real-world situations they will deal with once they leave the treatment center and resume their regular life. A comparison of gender specific vs coed rehabs reveals a key difference that can have a profound effect on a patient’s chance for long-term recovery. While patients who go through gender specific rehab centers may be able to explore their issues in more depth, they are not going to get direct practice in dealing with the mixed gender encounters they will experience on the outside. In co-ed rehab centers, the situation that patients live in more closely mirrors real world conditions, which may leave them better prepared for life outside of the treatment center.

Choosing the right rehab center

If you are having a hard time deciding whether a coed or single gender rehab treatment center provides the best chance for a lasting recovery for you or a loved one, BetterAddictionCare can help. Call 1-888-448-1364 today to speak to one of our compassionate staff members. We will assess your needs and find the addiction rehab program that provides the best chance for long-term recovery.