Going to Rehab After The Holidays

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Learn the signs you need rehab and consider getting help today

For most people, thinking about the holidays brings joy and excitement. But for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, addiction and the holidays can be a tricky and difficult season. Going to rehab after the holidays is more common than some may think, as this is the time of year when people start to think about new goals they want to achieve and are ready to make a change. It is the most popular time for people to make resolutions in order to make the next year the best year yet.

If you or someone you love is dealing with addiction and the holidays are just around the corner, now might be the ideal time to consider going to rehab as a way to kick off the new year. In fact, dedicating time to rehab may be the best gift you can give yourself or someone you care about. Addicts go to rehab for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is on their own accord, as they recognize the need for help. Other times, it is at the urging of friends or family who are concerned about their safety, health and overall life. And, in some circumstances rehab may be court ordered. Whatever the reason, dealing with addiction and the holidays can often bring to light the need for detox and rehab.

For many, the holidays mean a time to celebrate and this could involve alcohol or other substances to some degree. It isn’t uncommon for an addict to get his or her hands on a large amount of substances during the holidays and this could end in disaster. Friendships and familial relationships could be strained, stress or altercations can occur at holiday gatherings, physical altercations could take place and more. Sometimes, addicts realize the holidays are actually the ideal time to go to rehab. This allows them to skip the temptation of being around alcohol, other substances and parties, and focus instead on getting clean in time for a fresh start for the new year.

If you are considering going to rehab after the holidays or possibly while the holidays are taking place, you are taking a brave step towards sobriety and life in recovery. Perhaps you are on the fence, and aren’t quite sure if rehab would or even could help you. If that sounds like you, you may want to take a closer look at these signs you need rehab and how it can help you:

1. You are beginning to have health issues due to your alcohol or substance abuse

2. Close friends and family members have pleaded with you to stop using drugs or alcohol and/or seek out help.

3. You have built up a tolerance to your substance of choice, and therefore need more of the substance to feel its effects.

4. You begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t used the substance in a certain number of hours.

5. You are neglecting responsibilities at home, work or school.

6. If are dealing with or have dealt with legal troubles because of your substance abuse.

7. You have tried numerous times to quit but have been unsuccessful.

8. You hide your substance abuse, or lie about how often/how much you use.

9. You now use drugs and/or alcohol on your own

10. You black out because of substances you abuse

11. You have engaged in risky behavior, or have done questionable things in order to obtain drugs, etc.

There are many other signs you need rehab, but this list is a great checklist to help you determine if a detox and rehab facility is the right choice for you. Addiction and the holidays can be a stressful time, but detox and rehab can not only relieve this stress but also prepare you for a sober new year and new life. Recovery is possible; consider going to rehab after the holidays to begin your journey to sobriety.

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