All Female Drug Rehab Center

Written by Chloe Nicosia

How to decide if an all female drug rehab center is right for you

For many women struggling with substance abuse, an all female drug rehab center may provide the best chance for recovery. While men and women are both vulnerable to drug abuse, women face unique issues that can affect their course of recovery. Gender-specific addiction treatment centers that specialize in female only addiction rehab can provide treatment options that take into account the social, environmental, and biological differences that affect women in recovery.

Biological treatment issues

Biological factors create certain gender-specific issues related to the substance abuse, withdrawal, and recovery process for women. Hormones and other physiological factors affect how women react to certain drugs. As a result, women may become addicted to drugs after taking relatively small doses, and they may progress rapidly from first use to full-blown addiction. Women generally abuse substances for a shorter period of time than men before entering treatment, but they tend to experience withdrawal symptoms more intensely than men. Some research indicates that women’s menstrual cycles may affect their vulnerability to relapsing. Addiction specialists at all female rehab centers are accustomed to managing the unique challenges that women face in recovery.

Safety concerns

In order for inpatient rehab to be successful, recovering addicts need to be in an environment where they feel safe. Women seeking help with substance abuse often have experienced sexual trauma and/or domestic abuse. Even in cases where no sexual abuse has occurred, some women feel safer and better able to relax residing in a women’s inpatient rehab center where all the patients are female.

Counseling comfort

Group therapy plays a large role in the recovery process. Honesty is essential if meaningful change is to occur. Many women are more comfortable sharing the details of their private lives in female only drug and alcohol rehabs, where they have the security of knowing their issues are understood and accepted without judgment.

Family issues

The need to care for children and family members can sometimes make it difficult for women to seek and remain in treatment. Some women may be reluctant to seek addiction treatment out of concern that they may end up losing custody of their children. Some drug rehab centers for women are specifically geared toward helping women with children through the recovery process. These centers may provide special housing where mothers can have their children reside with them as they undergo rehab and addiction treatment. Some female-only rehab centers also provide childcare services along with parenting classes, job training, and hiring assistance.

Co-occurring issues / dual diagnosis

For many women, drug use may be tied to issues of self-esteem, eating disorders, depression, and other co-occurring conditions that need to be addressed in order for recovery to be successful. Women may also need prenatal care that provides help quitting substance abuse safely while pregnant. Gender-specific rehab centers that focus on treating women are


Women are often responsible for the care and well-being of everyone in the home in addition to dealing with the pressures of work. This overwhelming responsibility can make it difficult to avoid relapse when they return back home. Drug rehab centers for women are often associated with female only sober living communities that can provide the necessary bridge to help women resume their daily responsibilities.

Addiction specialists at an all female rehab centers are accustomed to managing the unique challenges that substance abuse poses for women. Seeking addiction help at a gender-specific treatment center may provide the best chance for you or a loved one to achieve recovery.


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