Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers

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It isn’t uncommon to hear the phrase luxury alcohol treatment centers when it comes to a celebrity or noteworthy individual who has decided to go to rehab, but these facilities aren’t just for the elite. Although these rehab centers typically cost more money than a traditional center, if finances allow, you or your loved one can also begin your road to recovery in this type of facility.

If you are seeking a facility that offers top of the line accommodations and amenities not typically seen in a traditional rehab, a luxury alcohol treatment center may be right for you. In addition to their rejuvenating and calming atmosphere plus lavish settings, amenities such as spa services, pools, cleaning services, private chefs, detoxifying diet, and alternative therapies are typically available.

Many luxury rehab centers in Florida are available for those who want to get help for his or her addiction to alcohol. Before choosing which facility may be right for you, it is important to understand your priorities about rehab before selecting a center. Here are a few aspects about top rehab centers that should be considered:

1. Is Detox Available? – Some, but not all luxury alcohol treatment centers, offer medically assisted detox. A number of facilities expect you to have undergone detox before entering their program. Determine if you are in need of detox and understand that medically assisted detox is the safest route to take. Then find a rehab center that offers this treatment.
2. Budget – Luxury rehab centers in Florida will cost more than your typical alcohol rehabilitation center. Know your budget ahead of time and determine with your insurance carrier how much, if any, of your cost will be covered. Knowing this beforehand will help you easily find a rehab center that works for your financial needs.
3. Privacy – If you are someone who prefers to stay anonymous, a luxury alcohol rehab center might be the right choice for you. Top rehab centers usually house only a small number of clients in order to keep everyone focused and to protect confidentiality/anonymity.
4. Atmosphere – Each luxury rehab center in Florida is different in terms of its atmosphere and dynamic. Inquire in person, telephone or via the center’s website regarding what types of therapies are used, if the center is more casual or luxurious in nature, and if spiritual and holistic therapies are merged into the programs.
5. Location – Where you are located might influence your decision about which luxury rehab center in Florida to choose. You may choose one local, in order to be close to friends or family, or perhaps you want one further away where nobody knows who you are.

If you have decided a luxury alcohol treatment center in Florida is for you, here are a few options you may want to look into:

1. Futures Palm Beach – With a cutting edge facility that boasts the only truly private rooms at a treatment center in Florida, Futures Palm Beach is well known in the addiction and recovery community. Clients can choose which tier program works for them, with some including massage, personal training, life coaching, acupuncture and more.
2. Serenity Vista – Serenity Vista prides itself as rehab in the paradise of Panama. The treatment model is based on Hazelden’s Betty Ford Treatment Center, and the atmosphere is one of peace, serenity and natural beauty.
3. Seaside Palm Beach – Seaside is considered an all-inclusive luxury rehab center in Florida that offers a comprehensive approach in addition to holistic and alternative therapies. Patients are given “living recovery” plans, where they are allowed to have their laptop and interact with friends and family while in treatment.

There are many luxurious top rehab centers in Florida that treat both alcohol and drug addiction.