15 Tips for Staying Sober

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Looking for tips for staying sober at parties? Learn how to maintain your sobriety.

Whether you recently completed a detox and rehabilitation program, or if you have maintained sobriety for sometime, it isn’t uncommon to seek out tips for staying sober. While recovery from addiction doesn’t come with a manual, there are many tips, activities and pieces of advice that can help if you are wondering how to stay sober from drugs. It is helpful to continually add tips to your arsenal, as you can reflect on them daily or during stressful times and seasons. Here are 15 of our favorite tips for staying sober from alcohol and/or drugs:


1. Embrace change in your life – Being sober is a change from the road you were traveling, in fact, it is a great change. Embrace this new journey in your life with optimism and hope, letting go of your past and moving bravely into what your future holds.


2. Lend a helping hand – One of the best ways to keep your mind off yourself and also become grateful for the good things in your life is to help others who are less fortunate. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter, homeless shelter, etc.


3. Don’t make excuses – We are each responsible for our own behavior. When you are having a bad day, or things in life seem to be against you, remember you are responsible for your actions and responses. Don’t make excuses to justify bad behavior or returning to destructive habits.


4. Unearth your passion in life – What better time than this new season of life to discover your true passion? Perhaps you always wanted to take a class, return to school, learn a trade, etc. Find a passion that gets you excited to wake up each day, and one you want to share with the world!


5. Remember…one day at a time – Maintaining sobriety is a journey, and it is important to keep your focus on the present moment. Do not dwell on the past and do not worry about the future. Enjoy each second.


6. Take pride in your body – You have come a long way since the days of addiction. Your body, mind and soul have been through a lot – take this time to treat yourself well. Eat nutritious food, exercise, pray, meditate, and take time to relax and focus on all of the great things happening in your life.


7. Surround yourself with the right people – While it may be difficult at first to refrain from surrounding yourself with old friends, one of the best tips regarding how to stay sober from drugs is to surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Having support and encouragement from positive friends and family members gives you the greatest chance for success in your recovery.


8. Ask for forgiveness – If addiction has caused you to have strained relations with friends and family members, you may want to work on repairing and healing the relationship. Keep in mind, the other person may not be ready to work on the relationship. If this occurs, continue moving forward in your life and acknowledge that the possibility may occur some time in the future.


9. Reach out to someone else in recovery – There is always someone who has just left a treatment program and is considered the new person in recovery, a 12-step group, etc. Lend a helping hand, and be a source of encouragement and support for this person. Remember how you felt when you completed your treatment program and how reassuring it was to have people who wanted to help you.


10. Offer forgiveness…to yourself – In order to heal and continue moving forward in your recovery, you need to forgive yourself for the decisions, behaviors and hurts you may have caused when you were using drugs or alcohol.


11. Have a Plan B – At some point in recovery, you will be invited to a function that may have alcohol present. In situations like this, you will want to know tips for staying sober at parties. Remember to have a friend with you that can support and encourage you to stay away from any substances, and have a Plan B in case you need to exit from the party due to temptation, peer pressure, etc.


12. Keep busy – One of the most common way for people to relapse is to have too much time of their hands, offering an opportunity for them to think about good times in the past, or surround themselves with people or environments that are destructive. Keep yourself active – take up a new hobby, join a sports team, enroll in an art class, take a course at your local library, etc.


13. Create a schedule – Routine can be a great thing for someone in recovery, which is why it is encouraged for you to create a daily schedule. Plan your day with positive, motivating, drug and alcohol free activities, and before you know it you will have created a drug free lifestyle for yourself!


14. Travel – There is no time like the present to take that trip you always wanted. Explore the world, embrace different cultures, learn new points of view and discover the world around you.


15. Be kind to yourself – Being on the road to recovery after addiction, while an amazing step forward, may seem overwhelming at times. Remember to be patient with yourself. Don’t expect everything to fall into place instantly. Focus on the now, and surround yourself with loving people and solid support in order to move forward.


These are just a few tips for staying sober that can help you in your day to day journey or during times in life that seem increasingly stressful. To learn other tips regarding how to stay sober from drugs, be sure to check out our website further.