How to Stay Sober From Drugs

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Wondering how to stay sober from drugs? Here are eight tips to keep you on the wagon.

Learning how to stay sober from drugs can help you in a weak moment when you feel like giving in to temptation. No matter how long you have been recovering from your drug addiction there will be times when emotions will flare, or some kind of trigger will catch your attention. In a weak moment you may want to give in to the temptation and start using drugs again. Many recovering addicts relapse after being clean for a year or two. It can happen to anyone at any time, and it does. Don’t despair if you do relapse, you can quickly realize your mistake and start again. The longer you wait to get sober, the harder it will be, so don’t hesitate to get back on track if you do slip into a relapse. 

There are many good reasons to stay sober, such as protecting your body and mind from harm and permanent damage. Drugs do wreak havoc on the body and brain of users and also brings many other kinds of problems to an addict’s life. That is why it is so important to have the necessary tools and tips to keep your mind in the right place, so you don’t go where you shouldn’t go and do things that will bring harm. You can learn how to stay sober at a party, at work, in the street or at home. It is all based on the thoughts that guide your decisions. Damaging thoughts will bring you to places you should not go, so you must renew your mind with proper healthy thinking. You have to rid your mind of dysfunctional thoughts that may have led you to use drugs in the first place, and anything, place or person that is associated with those thoughts. It is time to get a new mindset and stick with the program:


  1. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself by getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Eat nutritious meals that will strengthen your body and keep your mind clear and focused. When a person is physically, mentally or spiritually weak they are more susceptible to giving in to temptations, but a strong body, mind and spirit can resist almost anything. Just as the body and mind need nourishment, so does the spirit, so don’t neglect it but nurture yourself holistically.


  1. Become more self aware and begin to see your own shortcomings. When things turn out differently than you may have wanted, don’t blame others but instead study your self to see if you contributed to the outcome in any way. Don’t make excuses for not attaining something you want but rather find a way to go after it and get it. Self-discovery is an amazing journey that will help us identify the things we don’t like about our self, and it affords us the opportunity to change.


  1. Don’t become prideful but keep a balanced opinion about yourself and your recovery. Drug addicts are self-indulgent and think only about their wants and needs. Now that you are sober you can start to think more about others, especially your loved ones. Be caring and helpful toward others, and don’t place yourself above other people. The more you give, the more you will receive in return.


  1. Ask for help if you need it. If something is troubling you and you feel overwhelmed, you should speak with a counselor or therapist, or whoever can help you find a solution to your problem. Don’t allow stress to build up inside you to the point that your feel like you will burst. Speaking to a trusted friend can make a world of difference, and relieve you of stress.


  1. Build new relationships that will bring you joy and satisfaction. Recovering addicts must give up their drug user friends and begin to develop new, healthy relationships with people who support their recovery. You can start a new chapter in your life and share it with other people who care about you and will be there if you need them. Associate with people you respect and who respect you, and learn from those who can teach you how to reach your goals.


  1. Try new things that you may have always wanted to do but never could before. Begin to enjoy things that you are passionate about and perhaps discover a new talent that you weren’t aware of. You may want to learn how to fly a plane, play team sports, or learn a musical instrument or a new language. There are so many things that you have yet to discover and enjoy.


  1. Bring a friend with you when you have to be in a situation that you are uncomfortable about. If you have to be around people who drink a lot or do drugs, bring a trusted friend with you to be your body guard. If you begin to weaken, your friend will take you to a safe place. That is how to stay sober at a party and not give in to pressure to take a drink or do drugs.


  1. Take inventory about your progress and learn to become accountable for every thought and action. Make plans and goals and strive to attain them one day at a time. When you are heading in the right direction, you will eventually reach your destination.


There are many reasons to stay sober, the biggest one being you. You are the reason to stay sober because you are worth it and deserve to live a happy, fulfilled life. Put the past behind you and forgive those who have hurt or disappointed you, and also forgive yourself. Give yourself time to heal, and learn how to enjoy life without drugs.