What is the Drug Detox Process Like at Drug Rehab?

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Wondering What is the Drug Detox Process Like? Find Out Today.

If you are entering a drug rehab facility for the first time you are probably asking yourself, “what is the drug detox process like at drug rehab?” It’s an important question that any drug addict would want to know, especially if they are fearful of the withdrawal symptoms of the detox process. Knowing what to expect can help put your mind and fears at ease. The medical staff at the drug rehab will keep you safe during the drug detox and they can administer medications to help alleviate drug cravings and many withdrawal symptoms. There is no better place to be for a drug detox than at a drug rehab center where addiction specialists can help you safely get off drugs.

When you enter a drug treatment center, you will be physically and mentally assessed by a doctor, and a treatment plan will be devised specifically for you. Try to be as specific as possible when answering questions about your drug use. The doctor will need this information to be able to determine which medications will best assist you during the detox process. You will also be able to meet the staff of doctors, nurses and other professionals who will be working with you. And there will be an orientation process for you to become familiar with the facility, know where everything is, and see your room. You may also speak with your counselor who may have specific questions to ask. You will be put on a special diet to build up your immune system which was probably neglected during your addiction. A strong body and mind will be of great assistance during and after detox.

What is the Drug Detox Process Like?

Medications will be prepared before and during the detox to help with symptoms, that is why it is so important to tell the doctor everything about your drug addiction during your assessment. If you were using more than one drug it is important for the doctor to know which drugs you took so that he can prescribe the right medications for you to get through detox. After you have been physically stabilized with nutrition, the detox process can begin. The medical staff will keep you safe and as comfortable as possible during the detox, and the use of medications will help your body adjust to the change it is experiencing. You will slowly be weaned off of the drugs you were taking and you may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within two hours after taking the last drug. Some withdrawal symptoms you may experience are:

  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety, depression, mood swings

How Long does Drug Detox Take?

One of your main questions when it comes to rehab may be, “How long does drug detox take?” The timing of the detox process will largely depend on how long you were using drugs, what type of drug you were using, and your physical and mental state. Detox can take several days to two weeks or more, and withdrawal symptoms usually appear within a few hours after the last drug dose. Withdrawal symptoms usually peak around 72 hours into the detox. They will eventually begin to fade, but some symptoms can remain for months after the detox is completed. Some patients experience post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) which may last up to twelve months. Some symptoms of PAWS are: impaired memory, mood swings, depression, sleep problems, vertigo and headaches. Withdrawal symptoms can be worse when the patient is experiencing emotional changes like depression and anxiety caused by the removal of certain drugs like stimulants. Medications can be given to help alleviate these types of symptoms.

Drug Detox Centers Near Me

If you have been asking, “Is there a drug detox center near me?” it is best to speak with your physician who can recommend one or search online. Call the facility and speak with someone who can give you the information you need. Ask questions about what programs they offer, do they take your insurance and about how long the treatment programs last. A minimum ninety-day treatment program is most often recommended. The longer the program is, the better it will be for you to get acclimated to your new way of living drug free.

If you are addicted to drugs and want to stop, you should call a drug treatment center today and begin recovery treatment that includes a medical detox, psychological and behavioral counseling, and relapse prevention. You will be so glad you did.