Benefits of a Womens Only Rehab Program

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Find out how the benefits of a womens only rehab program affect treatment success 

Before you choose a rehab center, consider if the benefits of a womens only rehab program offer you the best chance for long term recovery success. Sex and gender issues play a role in many aspects of addiction rehab treatment. Because of these issues, many women find a female-only rehab center offers them a higher recovery rate and lower instance of relapse. An examination of five of the top benefits of a womens only rehab program may help you decide if gender-specific addiction treatment is the best choice to meet your recovery needs. 

Rehab treatment that addresses women’s mental health issues

Women who enter rehab often have mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in addition to their substance abuse issues. Patients who have co-occurring conditions typically experience substance abuse symptoms that are more severe and highly resistant to treatment.

Withdrawal treatment that is appropriate for female biology

Because of biological differences between the genders, women respond differently than men do to certain medications including some that are used to treat withdrawal and addiction. Hormones, body mass, and other factors can affect how quickly certain drugs are metabolized. For instance, women metabolize nicotine faster than men do, which makes replacement therapy less effective with women. Women are also affected more by withdrawal symptoms than men.  Women may find medical detox in a female-specific rehab center more comfortable because treatments and medications are calibrated to work effectively with female physiology.

Freedom from judgement

In order for group therapy to be effective, the participants need to be comfortable enough to engage in honest, complete sharing that reveals their hidden thoughts and fears. Women in recovery often suffer from self-esteem issues and are concerned about negative judgements by the opposite sex, particularly when discussing eating disorders, sexual history, mental health issues, or how they came to enter treatment. For these reasons, some female patients may derive more benefit from therapy and enjoy a lower relapse rate when they attend women only recovery programs

Freedom from safety fears

Many women in recovery have a history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or other trauma that may leave them struggling with PTSD. Because of these traumatic experiences, women may feel uneasy or threatened by the thought of living in a co-ed residential treatment center. These legitimate safety concerns do not apply to women only drug rehab centers, which allow patients to concentrate on recovery rather than being distracted by the need to be on guard all the time.

Women-centric resources that facilitate a successful recovery

Women face unique challenges in seeking substance abuse treatment. Family issues, the need to provide care for children and family, financial concerns, and other considerations may make it difficult for women to enter rehab. Fears of possible legal or social reprisals may complicate the ability of pregnant women to seek help with substance abuse. Female only rehab centers often offer services that make it possible for women to successfully complete recovery, such as child care, pregnant women care, prenatal services, and parenting classes. Some rehab programs for women are connected with after care facilities that provide assistance with job training and hiring help.


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