Intervention Strategies for Drug Users

There are superior intervention strategies for drug users – learn more and help save a life

Drug addiction can destroy lives and families when not confronted and addressed properly. However, most families are not equipped to know where to turn or how to handle a situation when a loved one is suffering from an addiction. An effective tool used often to help forge a path to recovery is called an intervention.  Being knowledgeable about various intervention strategies for drug users is beneficial in dealing with addiction aggressively. Drug interventions help stop the cycle of abuse, blame, and enablement.  Working with an addiction professional such as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor, a psychiatrist, or an intervention specialist can help those involved organize an effective intervention.

Learning how to do a drug intervention is simple and straightforward. Steps include:

Intervention strategies for drug users are successful when utilized in the careful planning of an intervention.  The steps above loosely describe what is known as the Johnson Intervention Model. It is what most people think of when they hear the word intervention. It is confrontational, but effective. Other intervention strategies for drug users include:

Caring loved ones of an addicted person should not be concerned about not knowing how to do a drug intervention.  Professional addiction specialists are available to help those involved decide what the best intervention strategies for drug users will work in each individual case.  The common goal of getting the loved one on the road to recovery is the best first step in the right direction.