Why Going to a JCAHO Accredited Rehab is Important

Get the inside scoop about why going to a JCAHO accredited rehab is important

When it come to recovery, and anything in life for that matter, doing something right the first time can save a lot of valuable resources. In terms of addiction recovery, this means saving yourself from relapse and further struggle with detox and getting clean. Oftentimes, finding a JCAHO accredited rehab facility can ensure you are receiving quality care that will lead you to a successful recovery. Before we can get further into why JCAHO accredited rehab is important, what JCAHO accredited rehab is and why drug rehab accreditation matters.

So What is a JCAHO Accredited Rehab?

JCAHO is short for the Joint Commission, a non-for-profit organizations that provides accreditation to drug rehabs and behavioral health organizations using the guidelines of the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual. Why drug rehab accreditation matters becomes crystal clear when you consider that non-accredited rehabs don’t undergo the same inspections, tests, and rigid standards that are applied to JCAHO accredited rehabs.

Let’s take a look at some of the standards associated with JCAHO accreditation.

While there are many more standards associated with JCAHO accreditation, these standards give insight into what is JCAHO accredited rehab is and why drug rehab accreditation matters. Because a rehab doesn’t become accredited until it goes through rigorous inspections and testing to ensure that it meets the requirements necessary to provide proper care for it’s patients.

The Benefits of a JCAHO Accredited Drug Rehab

When the Joint Commission inspects drug rehab facilities, their inspecting and testing with the quality of patient care in mind. By choosing a JCAHO accredited rehab, you are making the decision to get the best treatment available. In addition to ensuring that the proper medical staff is available during treatment, JCAHO accreditation focuses heavily on accident prevention and patient safety.

How Do I Find An Accredited Center?

Finding a Joint Commission accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation center isn’t as hard as you might imagine. Beyond searching on Better Addiction Care, a Google search for “Joint Commission drug rehabilitation center” will reveal dozens of facilities around the country advertising their accreditation and will really tell you all you need to know about Joint Commission accreditation. After all, it’s not likely that multiple centers are proudly showing off their affiliation with the group if the accreditation was meaningless for risk of punishment by the JCAHO. So if you’re wondering why going to a JCAHO accredited rehab is important, the simple answer is that JCAHO accreditation offers a level of quality control that isn’t promised by many other rehabs.