What is Addiction Recovery?

Want to learn about the addiction recovery steps?

What is addiction recovery and what are the addiction recovery steps necessary to completely recover from drug or alcohol addiction? If you are struggling with addiction and want to get help, you should be aware of these questions and their answers. If you are going to go through the withdrawal process as the first step in recovery treatment, you will want to follow through with the rest of the program to be equipped to stay sober and avoid relapse. Having a comprehensive addiction treatment program is paramount to the success of your addiction recovery. Understanding the full definition of recovery from addiction will help you understand what is ahead of you, and what will prepare you for a life of sobriety.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides us with a working definition of recovery from addiction and mental disorders based on a wide collaboration of the mental health care community and others. Their definition of recovery from addiction and mental disorders is: “a process of change through which individuals are able to live a self-directed life, improve their health and well-being and endeavor to reach their full potential.” The need for an appropriate definition of recovery from addiction and mental disorders will help to improve recovery programs and services, plus direct policymakers in their decisions. The Recovery Support Strategic Initiative defines four major areas that support recovery:

What is addiction recovery? Addiction recovery involves changing many aspects of one’s life. Dysfunctional mindsets, habits, and associations will have to be replaced with healthy alternatives.  Some addiction recovery steps include:

  1. Recovery is admitting that you have a problem and realizing that you have to change to be free to live a sober, productive life. Psychological and behavioral counseling are designed to help the addict identify his dysfunctional thoughts and behavior, and the misconceptions that they were based upon. Once the addict understands what motivated him to think and behave the way he did, he will be able to remove that unhealthy mindset and begin to build a new, healthy one to replace it. As dysfunctional thoughts are replaced by life-giving healthy thoughts the recovering addict becomes empowered to make permanent change in his life.
  2. Recovery should be holistic in healing the body, mind and spirit of the recovering addict. By taking care of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, the recovering addict is made whole again. Care and concern should be given to heal any gaps that might still remain.
  3. Recovery is self-directed and support-directed. The recovering addict should commit to staying on the path of recovery and become accountable for his own thoughts and actions. He should also have a support system in place to assist him when he needs help. Support systems include anyone who supports the addict’s recovery, such as: family, friends, faith community, counselors and support groups.
  4. Recovery is attainable, and that is the message of hope for a recovering addict. The recovery process will teach the addict how to become more resilient to effectively manage himself and his life, and be able to overcome any obstacles he may face.
  5. Recovery addresses and treats other mental and physical problems as well as drug and alcohol addiction.
  6. Recovery is highly personal and may involve many pathways and approaches.
  7. Recovery programs should adhere to evidence-based practices that are outlined by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and The National Institute on Drug Abuse.

This is a workable definition of recovery from addiction that you can use as a guide to help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction and to find out what is addiction recovery . For a more in-depth analysis on the subject you can go to the resources below. Once you understand the process of recovery and commit yourself to the process, you will be able to overcome your addiction and lead a fulfilling and happy life.