Where to go for Court Ordered Rehab

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Here you are in court and the judge has ordered you to go to a drug rehab center in lieu of going to jail. The judge wants to help you recover from addiction and that is why he is giving you this sentence. This is really a great opportunity for you, even if you don’t realize it right now. A court ordered rehab will get you off drugs or alcohol, and teach you how to live a sober life. If you are wondering about where to go for court ordered rehab, there are many rehab centers to choose from. You may have to pay for your court ordered rehab treatment, and if that is the case, you may want to find out if your health insurance covers treatment.


The judge will deem you worthy of a court ordered rehab if you meet the following criteria:


Once you have pleaded guilty to your crime and accepted the court ordered rehab sentence you will have to meet the terms of the agreement which include:

A court ordered rehab and addiction treatment program has been proven time and again to be an effective approach in helping the addict get off of drugs or alcohol and stay off. The penal and court system has created a new standard of belief that incarceration does not stop the addict from committing crimes, but rehabilitation does. Psychological and behavioral counseling are able to get to the deep, underlying reasons why addicts take drugs or drink. By allowing the patient to come to terms with these beliefs and attitudes and exchange them for healthy alternatives is the answer to stopping the cycle of addiction. And once the cycle of addiction is broken there is no longer a need for the recovering addict to commit crimes because he will no longer be intoxicated or need to get money for drugs or alcohol.

Psychological and behavioral counseling will help the addict break his addiction and criminal behaviors. Recovery is a long-term process of identifying and removing dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns that may have led the patient to use drugs or alcohol. When searching for the right court ordered rehab center you will need to ask what type of programs they offer. Some of the vital needs of the patient may include:

You can find a court ordered drug rehab center in your area by searching online, or perhaps the court has a list of rehab centers they have worked with. You should discuss the types of treatment you will be receiving and if it is in compliance with the court. This is your opportunity to recover from addiction and begin to build a new and sober life for yourself. Take advantage of this time in rehab and commit to the program. In time you will look back and be so glad you did.