10 Signs You Have Drug Addiction Problems

Recognizing when you are exhibiting symptoms of drug abuse is the first step toward recovery.

If you are concerned that your recent behavior, at times, may show signs you have drug addiction problem, there are symptoms to be aware of and questions you can ask yourself honestly to determine if your substance use is out of control. Even if you aren’t a user of illicit drugs, it can be easy to develop an addiction to prescription medications that are used for conditions such as anxiety, pain, or attention deficit disorder. There are many signs of drug addiction to become familiar with:

In addition to the ten signs you have drug addiction problem  above, if you have a family history of alcohol or drug addiction problems, which is also a significant consideration. Those that exhibit symptoms of drug abuse are often addicted if they are unable to stop using on their own, or if they become ill when they attempt to. This is indicative of someone that needs to get help, and the earlier signs of drug addiction are noticed, the better it is to obtain help immediately. Early action increases the chances of successful recovery and reduces the risk of permanent physical and mental damage to one’s health.

The reason it is so important to become familiar with and recognize the signs you have drug addiction problem  is because nobody starts taking drugs planning to get addicted to them. People begin to drink alcohol or take drugs make them feel good or to help them relax, or they were prescribed medication that takes away their anxiety or pain. However, long-term drug use changes the physiology of the brain. It changes how the brain works and these changes can last for years, and may even become permanent in many cases.  Drug abuse taxes the liver and kidneys, and it can cause severe damage to several other organs. Drugs destroy the mind and body, and if they don’t kill the addict, they will cause enough damage to destroy his or her quality of life completely. Other symptoms of drug abuse to be mindful of:

Recognizing the signs of drug addiction in your own behavior is a major step forward to becoming clean.  Know the facts about the effects of drugs and alcohol on your body – learn them here: The Mayo Clinic.  Valuable information that includes additional symptoms of drug abuse can be found by visiting The National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Getting educated will be beneficial in seeking help and making a commitment to recovery.