90 or 30 Day Drug Treatment Program Differences

Written by Chloe Nicosia

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Are you confused about the various drug treatment programs, and want to know what the difference is between a 90 or 30 day drug treatment program? Treatment programs are changing and evolving as on-going research reveals more effective approaches to treating drug and alcohol addiction. But the length of time of treatment programs have remained fairly consistent.

Treatment at a rehab center usually begins with a medically managed detox process, when a patient is weaned off of all the offending substances he was using. Depending on the type of substances and the severity of addiction, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and life-threatening without the help of medical professionals to intervene with medical aid. Although the detox process is an important factor in addiction recovery, it does not address the psychological, behavioral, and sociological issues that are associated with drug or alcohol addiction. These issues must be addressed and treated for long-lasting behavioral changes to take place, which will assist the addict in maintaining his sobriety. The detox procedure should be followed by psychological and behavioral therapy for addiction recovery treatment to be effective.

30 Day Drug Recovery Program

The recovery process requires time to make the necessary changes in thinking and behavior, and some insurance coverage will not cover more than 30 days of treatment. Patients who attend a 30 day drug recovery program must continue with counseling and support group meetings after they leave the rehab center so that the process of recovery treatment is still being facilitated. Thirty day drug recovery programs provide effective treatment usually based on a 12-Step model, but are not long enough to provide the environment that the patient may need to make all the necessary transitions. This is why it is so vital that the patient continue with aftercare recovery programs after he leaves the rehab center. These programs will help the patient continue in his recovery and also support him against the risk of relapse.

90 Day Drug Treatment Program

The benefits of a 90 day drug treatment program are outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) which regards any recovery program less than 90 days as ineffective. The longer a patient remains in a recovery program, the more progress he is able to make. Ninety day drug treatment programs provide a structured, supportive environment that provides positive reinforcement for the patient’s progress. The patient is removed from his usual daily living habits and is given adequate time to process and make the necessary changes that will lead to sober living. By giving the patient enough time to make important changes in dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns, and allowing those changes to become set patterns, the more beneficial the recovery outcome will be.

A 90 day drug treatment program provides a high level of 24/7 therapeutic care in a structured, private, and safe haven. The patient may receive treatment from medical, psychiatric and counseling professionals to assist him in developing new models for living a healthy, sober life.

Patient’s who struggle with co-occurring physical or mental health issues, or have had multiple relapses, or who have a severe addiction are all recommended for a 90 day drug treatment program. Co-occurring mental and physical disorders are integrated into the patient’s treatment plan, providing a holistic approach to healing the whole person. The addiction problem is treated and the patient also learns how to effectively manage their mental or physical problems so that they don’t resort to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

If you have an addiction problem and are about to start a 30 day drug recovery program, be sure that the rehab facility also offers, or can recommend, aftercare programs where you can continue with your recovery in a progressive manner. If you plan to attend a 90 day drug treatment program, you will be getting a more effective treatment option, but you should still continue with aftercare programs to help you stay on the right path of sobriety. Whether you receive a 90 or 30 day drug treatment program, you will be able to conquer addiction if you commit to the recovery process.