5 Reasons to Stay Sober

A Look at How to Stay Sober from Drug, and Reasons to Stay Sober

There are a lot of reasons why sobriety is a better choice than living in your own addiction, but for many it can be hard to truly trust or imagine these reasons. This is largely due to the way drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances affects the human brain, our thought-process, and our priorities. With that in mind, we are going to count down the 5 biggest reasons to stay sober, and we’re also going to include tips to show you how to stay sober from alcohol and how to stay sober from drugs. 

5 Reasons to Stay Sober: #5 Your Physical Health

Drugs and alcohol can take a major toll on your body. Whether it’s the damage alcohol can do to your liver, the blood clots, muscle trauma, and heart issues that can result from stimulant abuse, or the repertory issues that can be caused by heroin and inhalants, there are a number of physical health reasons to stay sober. While many addicts will say “the damage is already done, there’s no use quitting now”, studies have shown that this mentality is actually false. In fact, many cases have shown that damage done during substance abuse can be recovered from relatively easily, as long as the patient learns how to stay sober from drugs. This isn’t just because the body begins to bounce back from the damage though, its also because the recovering addict begins to put themselves in less stressful, and potentially risky situations, letting their body take care of existing problems, rather than new ones.

5 Reasons to Stay Sober: #4 Your Relationships with Friends and Family

Drug use can radically skew the priorities of anyone. By nature, addiction puts drug and alcohol use higher than anything else, causing many addicts to neglect, damage, or even end relationships with family members and friends. In some cases, no amount of atonement and improvement will improve the relationships you damaged, but in many cases you can restore those relationships, work on them, and make them healthier than ever before. Friends are extremely important when recovering from drugs and alcohol, as a sober support system is one of the best forms of accountability while you’re learning how to stay sober from alcohol. 

5 Reasons to Stay Sober: #3 Your Financial Stability 

Drugs are expensive, there’s really no hiding that fact, and as addiction grows, we begin spending more and more of our money on appeasing our habit. This can put people in a very precarious position, where rent, bills, insurance, and credit cards aren’t being paid down, but instead slowly building up into more and more problematic sources of debt. Once an addict begins figuring out how to stay sober from drugs, they start spending less and less money on drugs, instead creating a level of financial stability for themselves. Honestly, you would be surprised how much extra money you have when it isn’t all going to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. 

5 Reasons to Stay Sober: #2 Your Mental Health

Psychosis, depression, anxiety, paranoia, anger issues, dissociation, and forgetfulness are just a few of the mental health issues that commonly plague drug addicts and alcoholics. For many people, these issues may have been underlying causes of their addiction, but for others addiction was the cause of their mental health issues. In either case, your mental health is one of the primary reason to stay sober. Whether being sober gives you an opportunity to accurately and effectively treat your preexisting mental illness, or if your sobriety in and of itself help solve your mental health issues, learning how to how to stay sober from alcohol and how to stay sober from drugs is extremely helpful in resolving a significant amount of the mental health issues common amongst people struggling with substance abuse, 

5 Reasons to Stay Sober: #1 Your Personal Freedom 

Drug and alcohol abuse takes a lot from us as human, it takes our mental freedom, our physical freedom, it attempts to burn bridges that could help us learn how to stay sober from drugs, it takes away our financial freedom, and, in some cases, even our legal freedoms. By far, the best of the reasons to stay sober is taking back control of your own life, gaining back all of your personal freedoms, and reclaiming responsibility for your own actions. For some, this process can be long, bumpy, and even uncomfortable at times, but the end result is one of the most rewarding experiences of one’s life.

We hope this list helped motivate you to learn how to stay sober from drugs and how to stay sober from alcohol. There are a lot of reasons to stay sober, and if you’re ready to start your journey to a drug and alcohol free life, give us a call at (800) 429-7690 to discuss your potential treatment options.