Top 10 Signs of Heroin Addiction

Let Better Addiction Care Help you learn the Signs of Heroin Addiction to Help a Loved one

Knowing when it is time to get help is important, but that is not how it always works out. Sometimes, hitting rock bottom is the indicator of someone needing to seek treatment. Addiction is a disease that once in the grips of, you cannot come out of until you admit you are no longer in control of your using. Once your addiction is the driving force in your life and you are showing all signs of heroin addiction or any addiction. If you or a loved one are helpless, powerless, and hopeless get help now. No time to wait. Better Addiction Care can help you find treatment facilities. You can call now at 1-800-429-7690.

What is Addiction?

Drug Addiction is the psychological and physical need to keep using any substance despite how dangerous or harmful the effects are. It is imperative to always keep in mind, that all of these signs do not necessarily appear in all cases, for every drug addiction, for every addict. Nonetheless, if these signs are apparent and do begin to appear often enough, they are definitely worth noticing and responding to, with the appropriate treatments.

What is Heroin?

Heroin is supremely addictive. It is an illegal drug which is unfortunately used by far too many people–millions of addicts use heroin around the world daily, with numbers always on the rise. Once an addict has heroin, they are not able to overcome the feeling of needing the drug every waking hour of the day- or the high of it at least- they do not stop because of fear of withdrawal. Well, that and the fact that they cannot stop being that heroin is so addictive.

Heroin is made from poppy plant resin. Opium if removed first from the poppy flower pod and is a sap-like, and milky, resin just like morphine and opium. The opium is then refined and then used to make morphine. It is then refined further into varying forms of heroin. Most of heroin users will typically inject it, which creates many additional risks for heroin users, opening up the door to contracting AIDS and any other infections from needle use that only adds to the pain and suffering of addiction.

Heroin does have severe withdrawal symptoms. Again, this is a large reason why addicts do not stop using and makes beating the addiction that much more of a difficult task.

Heroin street names include:

Physical Signs of Heroin Use: Signs of Opiate Use

Physical signs of heroin use may present themselves differently depending on when, in their (or your own) addiction, you or they began. With heroin many signs of opiate use will be present regardless of time– it is an extremely powerful drug. If you notice any signs of potential use it is important to find help immediately. Some short term signs of heroin use include:

Long term effects include:

Getting Treatment

If any of the signs of heroin use are overwhelming, call someone for help. It is ok to reach out and ask for help. There are many rehab centers, detoxes, and treatment programs that are tailored to individual’s needs. Call today let us help you find rehab facilities that will meet every one of your needs- 1-800-429-7690.