Teen Drug Use Facts

Becoming Familiar with Teen Drug Use Facts

Are you worried that your teenager may be using or abusing drugs? Read below for a rundown of teen drug use facts. For more information about teen drug abuse facts, contact Better Addiction Care at (800) 429-7690. Do not let your teen become a statistic. Call today and we can help you find treatment centers that will meet your needs. 

Teen Drug Abuse Facts

Here are some interesting teen drug use facts for you to mull over:

Knowledge is power. Talk to your teen about these facts. Perhaps they will think twice before experimenting with drugs. It may be advantageous to assure that your prescription medications are stored in a way so that your teen does not have easy access to them. Most parents believe their teen would not do drugs – so do the parents of teens who do abuse drugs. Hopefully the aforementioned teen drug use facts have helped you see the reality that is teenage drug use.

Teenagers are under pressure to fit in or be “cool.” Most teens who try drugs do not mean to become addicted – they are just trying to have fun. However, this “casual” fun has negative consequences, such as:

For the most part, kids do not know when they have crossed the thin line between fun and addiction. As a parent, be sure to keep a look out for the signs above. If your teen suddenly changes their group of friends – this may be concerning. See who their new friends are, because chances are, their old friends do not approve of their new lifestyle,


As you may, or may not know – drug use may lead to addiction. Addiction is a chronic, and relapsing disease that is with the addict for life. Several factors do contribute to one’s risk for addiction, however, there is nothing that bars one from becoming addicted. Neuroscience research is being conducted to identify key factors that influence the likelihood of someone becoming addicted. Three factors being considered are a person’s genetic makeup, the age they start engaging in the drug use, and vulnerability to stress.

Some of us are more familiar with the facts about addiction than others. We know that addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking behavior – even to one’s own detriment. The facts about addiction say that addiction is a brain disease (drugs change the brain structure and how the brain works). The changes in the brain caused by drugs can be long-lasting and irreversible.

Teenagers who use drugs are at a higher risk of becoming addicted than those who begin using drugs as adults because the part of the brain that controls impulse in teenagers is immature. Any drug that adults abuse may also be abused by teens (for example, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cold medicines, inhalants and depressants)

No matter what age you are, you can become addicted to drugs. Teen drug use facts indicate that drugs are becoming more prevalent in the lives of young people. Become educated on the subject and talk to your kids. As stated, addiction is for life. If you can help prevent your child from falling victim to these substances – they will have a better chance of not becoming addicted early on in life. For further guidance with your search for recovery treatment centers, contact the professionals at Better Addiction Care today.