4 Dangerous Side Effects of Valium

The Side Effects of Valium and Valium Addiction

While there’s no such thing as a “better” or “worse” addiction to have, addiction to benzodiazepines stand out as one of the worst possible addictions. This is largely due to the high risks associated with abuse and withdrawal from drugs in the benzodiazepine classification. Arguably the most common benzo of abuse, Valium comes with an extremely high risk of addiction, as well as a large list of dangerous and potentially deadly Valium side effects. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the worst side effects of Valium, and why you should always consider a supervised detox program when trying to overcome Valium addiction.

Dangerous Side Effect: #4 Delusions and Paranoia

Like other forms of substance abuse, Valium addiction has a direct effect on the human brain. The mental and emotional aspect of Valium side effects can manifest themselves in a number of ways, most commonly: mood swings, outbursts of anger, confusion, depression, and anxiety. However, while not as common as some of the other side effects of Valium, users can still experience strange irrational thoughts that can be difficult to change. In many cases, this involves Valium users believing that someone, or something, is trying to harm them, or follow them. While scientists are still unsure at what causes paranoia directly, it has become clear that drugs can play a significant role. In fact, paranoia, as a mental illness, can start as a direct result of Valium addiction, as well as other addictions. This can be detrimental to the lives of those struggling with substance abuse issues, as it makes them trust loved ones and people of authority even less than they generally would. This creates a strange situation in which the only people that can help someone experiencing the side effects of Valium abuse, are not trusted by that same person.

Dangerous Side Effect: #3 Hallucinations

If delusions and paranoia seem like an intense reaction to drugs by the brain, then hallucinations are a catastrophic mental change. In most cases, the hallucinations caused by Valium side effects are described as akin to the hallucinations experienced on drugs like PCP. These can be intense and fearful hallucinations, brought on by a brain struggling to survive an onslaught of chemical withdrawals. If you begin experiencing hallucinations of any kind while using prescription medications, we highly recommend getting in touch with your doctor, or an addiction professional of some kind.

Dangerous Side Effect: #2 Labored Breathing or Difficulty Breathing

While the mental and emotional Valium side effects can create situations that threaten the lives of substance abusers, the physical symptoms of Valium use can be downright deadly in their own right. One of the most common potential fatal side effects of Valium is difficulty breathing. This is generally caused by the depressing and relaxing effects of Valium. You see, too much of any form of benzodiazepine can cause the body to start shutting down. If a certain threshold of drugs are abused, this can cause the lungs to stop working all together. If you or someone you know experiences labored breathing while using Valium, or any other form of drug, it is important that you contact a medical professional immediately. There is no room for waiting things out when lives are at risk.

Dangerous Side Effect: #1 Seizures

Similarly to the symptoms caused by alcohol and Xanax withdrawals, one of the deadliest side effects of Valium is the increased risk of seizures that comes with stopping its use. A medically supervised detox can be a great way to mitigate the dangers of Valium induced seizures as withdrawing on your own puts recovering addicts at intense health risks. Seizures can leave recovering drug addicts with lifelong physical ailments, and they can even cause death in rare cases. For this reason, we highly suggest that anyone interested in escaping their Valium addiction seek professional help during the detox phase. This can make the difference between a life of sober living, and a life ended too soon.

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