Am I an Alcoholic?

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “am I an alcoholic? Read more to find out if you may have an alcohol addiction.

An alcoholic is someone who habitually drinks alcoholic beverages and finds it difficult to reduce his intake or quit drinking. People drink for various reasons and continue in their habit regardless of the negative effects it has on their health, family, occupational, and social life. Some people drink to escape their problems and others drink as a social pastime. The reasons that entice a person to drink should be treated with psychological, behavioral, and pharmaceutical treatment so that the individual can learn to manage and control their behavior. If you are drinking heavily or binge drinking and are wondering “am I an alcoholic?” Take the alcohol assessment test below:

Q: When you drink, do you consume more than one drink in a day (for women)? Or, when you drink do you consume more than two drinks in a day (for men)?

A: This is considered moderate drinking, but not when it is done for several consecutive days at a time.


Q: Do you ever wake up from drinking the night before and realize that you can’t remember some of the things that you did?

A: If so, you may have had a blackout. Blackouts are one of the physical signs of alcoholism.


Q: Do you ever get into trouble because of your drinking?

A: Consuming too much alcohol can cause risky, dangerous and violent behavior.


Q: Have you ever lost a job because of your drinking?

A: Another of the physical signs of alcoholism is that alcohol affects the brain and impairs cognition, behavior and performance.


Q: Have you ever neglected your duties and obligation to your family or work for 2 days in a row?

A: Alcoholics may begin to neglect their duties because they are either spending most of their time drinking, or they are too drunk to perform their duties.


Q: Can you stop drinking after one or two drinks without difficulty?

A: Alcoholics have difficulty trying to stop drinking and this is another one of the physical signs of alcoholism.


Q: Have you ever visited a clergyman, social worker, doctor, or mental health therapist for help with any emotional problem that involved your drinking?

A: Alcoholics often have emotional problems that involve their drinking.


Q: Do you drink before noon fairly often?

A: Another one of the physical signs of alcoholism is starting to drink in the morning.


Q: Have you ever attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?

A: If you thought you should go to an AA meeting, you may be drinking too much or have a drinking problem.


Q: Do relatives or close friends ever complain about your drinking?

A: Your drinking may be causing family and social problems, signaling that you need help.


Q: Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking?

A: Some alcoholics realize that their habit of drinking is destructive and that it is hurting them and their loved ones.


Q: Have you ever gotten into physical fights when you were drinking?

A: Alcohol can cause aggressive and violent behavior, and this is another one of the physical signs of alcoholism.


Q: Have you been arrested more than once because of your drinking?

A: Alcohol can make you do things you would not normally do, even commit crimes, or drive while under the influence.

It may be difficult to determine if you have a drinking problem or an alcohol addiction. Problem drinkers are not addicted to alcohol, but their drinking may be starting to cause problems in their life. If you think you are addicted to alcohol, here are the ten warning signs of alcoholism:

  1. You drink to unwind and relax.
  2. You experience blackouts regularly.
  3. You are neglecting your responsibilities.
  4. Your drinking is causing relationship problems.
  5. You are lying about your drinking, and hiding it.
  6. You are putting yourself in dangerous situations when you drink (like driving a car).
  7. You are not able to stop drinking once you have started.
  8. You find that you are able to drink more than you used to.
  9. You experience withdrawal.
  10. You are unable to quit.

Am I an alcoholic? If you answered yes to the ten warning signs of alcoholism, then you are probably an alcoholic and will need professional help to quit. Alcoholics should never try to stop drinking on their own because withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening. The safest, most effective place to get help is at an alcohol treatment center where addiction specialists can properly treat you. Call Better Addiction Care for assistance finding the perfect rehab facility.