Dangerous K2 Effects

Dangerous K2 Effects: Learn more about the terrible aftermath of consuming this synthetic drug

The drug known as K2 or Spice, is a mix of man-made chemicals and shredded herbs with mind-altering properties. Often referred to as a synthetic marijuana, K2 effects are far more dangerous and extreme than cannabis. While this mix of herbs is shredded with the purpose of being smoked, just like cannabis, it belongs to the group of drugs health officials have called NPS, or new psychoactive substances.

In order to understand what does K2 do to your brain, you may want to look at its composition: a mix of industrial chemicals that mimic the effects of THC, sprayed onto dried plant material, in order to make it look just like regular pot.

Both the first signs of use and the long term effects of K2 can be pretty scary.

The first piece of information needed to be able to grasp just how dangerous this drug really is, is looking at what does K2 do to your brain when you take it. The industrial chemicals in K2 act by attaching themselves to your brain’s nerve cells, provoking psychosis and mind-altering reactions.

In addition to these quick K2 effects, a person that has just taken the drug, will show the following sings:

While these are the first signs that can be perceived after taking the drug, the long term effects of K2 are far more dangerous and, if a person continues abusing the substance, can lead to severe health conditions and even death.

Some of these long term effects of K2, include:

Another long term effect of the drug, that has the possibility of causing irreversible damage, is how it reduces the connectivity of brain nerves and cells, affecting brain development and normal functioning. Moreover, because of the combination with industrial chemicals, when you consume k2 you are exposed to a higher chance of suffering from intoxication which, in the case of this particular drug can lead to a an overdose and possible death.

Unfortunately, despite the knowledge of what does k2 do to your brain and what are the short and long term effects of abusing this substance, there has been an alarming increase in the consumption rate, with 1 out of 8 teenagers admitting they have at least tried the substance. This “fake weed” or synthetic marijuana, has been the cause of numerous emergency room cases of teenagers and young adults overdosing on the drug. Some of these cases have had fatal consequences.

Someone that is struggling with K2 abuse, needs to receive immediate medical attention and detoxification, in order to get clean and prepared for a rehabilitation treatment. Because of the strength of this drug, withdrawal from it can be quite severe.

As with any other psychoactive drug, withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and change drastically in a matter of minutes. This is why it is imperative to detox under the care of medical doctors that can monitor and control the symptoms. Once detoxification is completed, a comprehensive rehab program is the only way to ensure that someone overcomes their addiction to K2 and regains their sobriety.

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