How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Written by Chloe Nicosia

How Much Does Rehab Cost? Find out more about the cost of rehab and if your insurance covers the treatment

Many people may speculate about the question, “how much does rehab cost?” Keep in mind that if you need to detox, that portion is not included in the price of rehab and will have to be tacked on. There are programs that do not cost anything – you just need to qualify for the help. Regardless of whether you can afford rehab or not, please contact Better Addiction Care at (800) 429-7690 today to review your options and get help with your search.

If you are wondering, “does insurance cover rehab?” you would need to contact your health insurance provider for details. Most rehab facilities accept insurance; however, your specific health insurance plan may not cover your entire stay. Thus, you may need to come out of pocket for the remainder of the balance. So, does insurance cover rehab? The short answer is, it depends.

Things to Consider

Faith Based Treatment

Several religious organizations offer drug rehab services at no cost as part of their ministry services. In addition, many religious organizations offer payment assistance for those individuals that qualify for the service.

Sliding Scale Treatment

This means that fees vary depending upon the patient’s ability to pay. Depending on your income and expenses, your fees will be reduced or adjusted.

Non-Profit Treatment

Several non-profit programs are cheaper or free because of their status as a non-profit organization.

Payment Assistance

Assistance is available at many rehab centers across the United States. All you must do is inquire about it. Assistance, of course, is structured by the situation. Call your treatment center of choice and start with them. Call now and do not wait.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Non-profit Rehabs

The Salvation Army offers an adult rehab program to those in need. These programs provide social, spiritual, and emotional assistance to those individuals who can no longer cope with their problems or provide for themselves. These programs offer work, housing, therapy (individual and group) in a clean environment. The care the individuals receive will prepare them to re-enter society and return to meaningful work. Many that complete the program go back to their families and live a normal life. How much does rehab cost? In this case, nothing.

State and Federally Funded Rehabs

According to a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) publication, monies for these programs are received from various sources. Historically, the sources were; State general funds, Medicaid reimbursement, and Federal substance abuse block grants. Now, however, they are joined by new funding sources both at the Federal and State levels. Different states have different requirements. If you indeed qualify, the 30-day rehab cost could be nil.

To qualify (generally), you will need:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of legal residence in America

After your paperwork is verified, treatment will be provided.

How much does rehab cost? What is the 30 day rehab cost? The answer is not as simple as providing a figure – it depends. To answer these questions one must take into account various factors about the person, see if they qualify for help, or maybe even free rehab.

There are several fantastic addiction-based non-profits and charities that may be a good source of information:

  • Amy Winehouse Foundation
  • Strawberry Ministries
  • Foundation for Alcoholism Research
  • Shatter Proof
  • To Write Love on Her Arms
  • Angels at Risk

In this country, addiction costs over $600 billion per year. It is thought that treatment may help reduce these outrageous costs. Treatment, in addition, is much less expensive than say, incarcerating the individual. For example, one full year of imprisonment costs about $24,000 per person, per year. One full year of methadone maintenance only costs $4,700 per patient, per year. When individuals receive treatment, the savings is greater still if you take into account the fact that there are fewer drug-related accidents, overdoses, and death.

If you (or someone that you love) is struggling with addiction, contact Better Addiction Care for assistance finding a treatment facility that will meet all of your needs. No matter your financial situation – you may be able to qualify for help. Do not suffer any more – call today. Remember that addiction is a life-long disease and it will not go away by itself.