Interesting Facts About Cocaine Addiction

Learn facts about cocaine addiction and the risks of dependency

Do you often find yourself wondering how long does it take to get addicted to coke? Do you worry that your “recreational use” of cocaine has grown into a habit that you are quickly losing control over? This is not uncommon for cocaine users, as cocaine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant drug that presents a serious risk for physical dependence and addiction. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with cocaine abuse and to consider seeking treatment before the problem gets worse. Here are some facts about cocaine addiction that demonstrate how gravely dangerous abuse of this drug can be:

Cocaine is a white powder processed from the leaves of the South American coca plant. Suppliers mix it with other powders that look similar in appearance in order to dilute the drug, so the user can never be certain of what he or she is purchasing and ingesting. These additives can make the drug even more unstable and unpredictable, cause dangerous side effects, and may even be fatal themselves.

How long does it take to get addicted to coke? While the onset of dependence differs for every individual, it has been reported by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health that half of an individual’s risk of addiction to cocaine is genetic, far exceeding other conditions that are highly inherited, such as breast cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Even a few uses can result in addiction, trouble with the law, or serious medical problems.

One of the most worrisome facts about cocaine addiction is that it can cause convulsions, seizures, heart attack, stroke, psychosis, or even death at high doses or when mixed with other substances, such as alcohol. An individual who uses cocaine is at risk for overdose every time they use it.

Other lesser-known cocaine addiction facts include the behavioral side effects it can cause, which include panic attacks, paranoia, and even psychosis.

Other troubling facts about cocaine addiction include the physical signs that are common among users. These signs range from nosebleeds to increased body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure. More serious signs include damage to the sinuses, inflammation of the heart, kidney damage, rupture of the aorta, and swallowing impairment.  Other physical signs include feeling extremely ill. Users report having stomach pain and headaches that are severe enough to result in vomiting and loss of consciousness.

Informative cocaine addiction facts shared here also include short term and long term effects on the user, such as erratic and sometimes violent behavior, hallucinations, severe depression, and irritability. These effects are often associated with withdrawal, which begins shortly after the user experiences a short lived, euphoric high.

The intense drug cravings that are caused by withdrawal from cocaine have been reported to be so unpleasant that they can drive a person to suicide, according to Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

The most sobering of all the facts about cocaine addiction may be regarding the damage that can result from long term cocaine abuse. The physical damage and injury that can result after an extended duration of abuse includes liver, kidney, and lung damage, malnutrition, brain aneurysm, and even death. Users who inject cocaine are also at an increased risk for HIV/AIDS or hepatitis if they share used needles with other users.

There are many cocaine addiction facts that convey exactly how dangerous abusing cocaine can be. It is easy to lose control over cocaine use and become addicted to it.  Getting help as soon as possible when you have an addiction to cocaine will improve your chances for successful rehabilitation and can reduce the amount of physical and mental damage caused by abuse of the drug. Make the commitment to get help today and enter an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility that can help you safely and comfortably detox from cocaine and get you on the path to recovery with an effective treatment program.

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