What is a JCAHO Accredited Drug Rehab?

Learn how JCAHO Accredited Drug Rehab Centers can help you break free from addiction.

If you are looking for a drug rehab to recover from addiction, you want to find one that offers the very best rehabilitation programs. That is why you should look for a JCAHO accredited drug rehab. A JCAHO accredited drug rehab provides high quality, evidence-based treatment programs. JCAHO, also known as the Joint Commission, is a U.S. based non-profit organization that provides accreditation to thousands of health care and other types of programs.

A coveted JCAHO accreditation is the recognized standard by many State governments and is a requirement for licensure. It is also a requirement for Medicare and Medicaid participation and reimbursements. Health care providers such as drug rehabs must meet the strict, high standards set by the Joint Commission to receive accreditation. That is why JCAHO accredited drug rehab facilities are considered to be among the very best health care facilities in the U.S.

By selecting a JCAHO accredited rehab, you are assured of receiving a high standard of quality healthcare and you are will also receive treatment programs that are outlined in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual. A JCAHO accreditation is received after a drug rehab center has passed many meticulous tests and inspections that meet the standards and requirements of JCAHO. Not all rehab centers are up to the standards of quality care that you receive at JCAHO accredited facilities. A joint commission drug rehabilitation center must meet the required standards of JCAHO that include:

The primary purpose and focus of the Joint Commission rests upon the quality of patient care given at the drug rehab facility. All aspects of patient care are measured during inspections and tests to assure that substantial attention is given to every facet of a patient’s stay, care, safety and recovery process. The Joint Commission is particularly concerned with the safety and protection of patients, and that the patients are receiving the proper care from a professionally licensed and certified personnel staff. This is why JCAHO accredited facilities are regarded as some of the very best drug treatment centers.

Choosing a JCAHO accredited rehab facility should be your first consideration when seeking help to overcome your drug addiction. Recovering from drug addiction is a process that takes time and requires the appropriate treatment programs for you to heal and learn how to maintain long-term sobriety. If you have a severe drug addiction, or you have co-occurring mental health challenges, you will require an inpatient setting at a JCAHO accredited drug rehab. If your drug addiction is less severe, and you have family or other obligations to meet, an intensive outpatient status may be the best option for you.

A Joint Commission drug rehabilitation center offers a variety of treatment programs that include: a medical detox, psychological and behavioral counseling, relapse prevention strategies, contingency management therapy and aftercare programs.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a 90-day or longer treatment program to ensure that the patient has enough time to heal, learn and change his destructive thought and behavior conditioning. JCAHO accredited facilities will provide you with the necessary programs you need to overcome drug addiction and lead a sober, productive life.