7 Movies about Addiction to Help People Understand

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Here are Movies about Addiction That Will Help You Understand the Perils of Addiction

Since we were little, movies had the power of showing us closer looks at things and opening our minds to possibilities. Because of this, our parents may have tried to shelter us from seeing certain movies or shows that they deemed inappropriate. Nowadays, if a child imitates violence, video games and the news are blamed for exposing children to such vulgarity. However, the flip side to the negative connotation associated with movies about addiction or violence, is that they can actually educate people on the affects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug addiction movies and documentaries about addiction can actually be beneficial to those watching. In fact, using movies as a way to evoke certain emotions is known as cinema therapy. Seeing the downward spiral of characters due to drug or alcohol use can show viewers how dangerous these substances can be. Here are 7 drug addiction movies that paint a vivid picture about the perils of substance abuse.

Classic Movies About Addiction

  1. Thirteen (2003)- This movie shows how quickly innocence can be overturned by negative influences. A thirteen-year-old girl experiences how quickly drugs and associating with the wrong people can lead you into a life of crime, sex, and damaged relationships. Thirteen allows viewers to witness the affects of drugs in young individuals and how quickly innocence can be taken away.
  2. Clean and Sober (1988)- Although this movie was released decades ago, it shows how a successful man can go from businessman to a self-destructing cocaine addict very quickly. The contrast between the life Daryl Poynter (Michael Keaton) used to live as opposed to who he became due to cocaine addiction depicts the tight grip substance abuse can have on just about anybody.
  3. Basketball Diaries (1995)- This is a staple when it comes to movies about addiction, because this movie is based on a true story. Basketball Diaries is a drama about an athletic and talented basketball player who becomes a heroin junkie by hanging with the wrong crowd. This movie shows how drugs can very easily lead to a life full of robbery, assault, and prostitution.
  4. Requiem for a Dream (2000)- Another classic portrayal of the affects drug has on multiple lives. Focusing on the effects of amphetamine, Requiem for a Dream exhibits the sometimes-irreversible damage drug abuse and drug dealing has on lives.

Documentaries About Addiction

Movies about addiction are not the only way to grasp the negativity of addiction. Another way to understand the extent of the dangers associated with drug abuse is to watch documentaries about addiction. Sometimes hearing personal and true stories about individuals who have had experience with drug abuse can help broaden the understanding about addiction. Here are 3 documentaries you should check out:

  1. Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery (2012)- Russell Brand is known for his hilarious work in multiple comedic movies. However, his story about addiction to multiple drugs, including crack and heroin, can inspire anyone suffering from substance abuse to overcome addiction and seek treatment.
  2. Oxyana (2013)- This is one of the more recent documentaries about addiction that shows the decline of a small coal-mining town known as Oceana, West Virginia, due to the epidemic of Oxycontin in the area. This documentary presents an honest look at the impact pain medication abuse has had not only in Oceana but the entire country.
  3. Ben: Diary of a Heroin Addict (2008)- A true example of how someone who had it all can lose it all to drugs. Ben, a man who had a loving and promising childhood, takes you on his journey to heroin use and his attempts to quit. In this documentary, you will witness the physical damage heroin does to the body as well as the behavioral changes and emotional damages it causes.

There are many more movies about addiction and documentaries about addiction that can accurately show you the decline substance abuse causes. If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, contact Better Addiction Care today for more helpful information.