Nicknames for Heroin

The Importance of Staying Up-to-Date on the Nicknames for Heroin and Slang Drug Terms

Nowadays, it seems as though there are a thousands of slang words born everyday. While it seems natural to be unable to keep up with them all, it is important to keep up with the street terms for drugs, so you can spot any potential issues among your loved ones. Law enforcement, teachers, and other professions are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing street terms for drugs as well. Here are the most common nicknames for heroin and the most common slang phrases you should know.

Street Names for Heroin

There are so many nicknames for heroin; many names make sense due to the place of origin, color, effects the drug has on the body, taste, smell, and combinations with other substances. Sometimes, street names for heroin have little meaning, and names are used simply because they begin with the letter H (Harry, Helen, Henry, etc.). Heroin, a typically white or brown powdery substance has many street names. Here are a few nicknames for heroin:

It is important to note that street names for heroin change often. Many parents are unaware of these certain terms but should educate themselves on the nicknames for heroin and other drugs in order to recognize if there is a problem occurring.

There are not the only street names for heroin. Many times, heroin is combined with other substances. These combinations have their own set of names, depending on the substance. Here are a few examples of compound names:

Marijuana and heroin: Atom bomb, A-Bomb, Woola, Woo-woo

Cocaine and heroin: Dynamite, Snowball, Goofball, He/She, H&C, Belushi

Crack and heroin: Dragon Rock, Moonrock, Eightball, Chasing the Dragon

Tylenol PM (or other cold medicine) and heroin: Cheese

Slang for Shooting Up

Not only are there nicknames for heroin, but there are terms you should be familiar with that indicate use of the drug as well. Heroin can be snorted, smoked, and injected (“shot up”). When it comes to shooting up heroin, there are a few phrases that heroin abusers use to keep the activity less conspicuous. Slang for shooting up includes: booting, mainlining, skin popping, channel swimming, and banging dope.

How You Can Stay Ahead of the Game

Staying informed about the street names for drugs and the terms used to describe drug use can save your loved ones. The more you stay on top of the latest trends in drug terms, the more of an advantage you will have when it comes to knowing what is going on around you.

If you have children who speak in, what you feel, is another language these days, knowing the current nicknames for drugs will help you feel more connected to what is being talked about in front of you. No one likes to feel out of the loop, especially when it comes to potentially harmful situations. If you feel that you need to educate yourself further on nicknames for heroin or other street names for drugs, the Internet can be your best friend.

Do your research and stay current with the latest trends when it comes to drugs and other dangerous activities. Picking up on something serious that your loved one hoped to hide by using street terms can actually save his or her life.

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