Signs You Need Drug Treatment

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Are you ignoring the signs you need drug treatment?

Recognizing a problem in others is easy, but recognizing a problem in your own life can be much more difficult. Substance abuse and misuse can creep into your life with little notice on your part, but there are always signs you need drug treatment that you can learn to recognize if you educate yourself. If you’re asking yourself “Do I need rehab?” this article can give you an idea of whether or not you need to talk to a professional about signs you need rehab.

Does your substance use cause chaos in your personal life?

One of the strongest signs you need drug treatment or alcohol treatment is the amount of chaos that your substance use brings into your personal life. Do you blackout and forget what you’ve done after drinking? Have drugs or alcohol ever made you sick, but you continued to use them? Have your relationships with friends, family, or significant others been damaged by your use of substances? If drinking or using drugs is consistently causing problems with your employment, your relationships, or your health, it is very likely that substance abuse treatment is necessary. A destructive pattern of substance abuse is one of the most critical signs you need drug treatment.

Has your school or employment been affected by substance use?

Have you gone to work or class under the influence? Have you ever been too hung over to go to work or school the next morning? Have your grades or promotions ever been negatively impacted by your substance abuse? If your drug or alcohol abuse are stopping you from succeeding in school or moving up the chain at work, then your addiction is holding you back from a better future. This would be a huge red flag among the other signs you need rehab.

Do you need the substance?

Cracking open a cold one with the boys can be a stress relieving activity in moderation, but if you can’t relax without alcohol or need alcohol to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms (like shaking, headaches, and excessive sweating) there is a larger problem at hand than stress. Asking yourself “Should I go to rehab for alcohol?” would be a healthy reaction to this situation, and reaching out for a professional opinion is the next step.

Questioning Yourself: “Do I need rehab?”

Asking yourself “Do I need rehab?” or “Should I go to rehab for alcohol?” is a huge tip that something isn’t right. If you’re asking yourself these questions, it’s important to consider the reasons that brought you to this point. Contacting a counselor who specializes in addiction can give you a better idea of the reality of the situation.

Are others concerned over your drug and alcohol abuse?

Even if you haven’t progressed to questioning yourself, the concern of others is a classic among signs that you need drug treatment. Oftentimes, others can recognize the signs you need rehab more quickly than you can see them in yourself. Friends and family members have your best interests at heart, so if they are asking you about your substance use or expressing concern about the toll it is taking on your life, take what they tell you seriously.

There are a number of other signs that could be signs you need drug treatment, but if reading this list has left you wondering “Should I go to rehab for alcohol or drug addiction?” then the next step you should take is talking to an addiction specialist about the details of your unique circumstances. The addiction treatment professionals at Better Addiction Care are available 24/7 at their help line 1-800-429-7690.

Signs you need drug treatment cannot be ignored, so call now to stop the cycle of destructive substance use to get the help you need.