Surprising Positive Effects of Sobriety

Written by Chloe Nicosia

 With so many positive effects of sobriety, learn how getting sober can help you mentally and physically

It’s a great accomplishment to finally quit drinking, and then discover all the added benefits that come with it. There are many positive effects of sobriety, especially when considering all the negative effects drinking alcohol does to your mind and body, like developing liver disease, cancer, depression and dementia to name a few. Yes, it’s a new day and time to rejoice in renewed health and life.

One of the positive effects of sobriety is that there is no more threat of DUI’s (driving under the influence of alcohol, and endangering your life and the life of others. Your mind will begin to clear and you will feel more focused and alive. And you won’t do embarrassing things like call your ex in the middle of the night when you’re in a drunken stupor. Imagine not bumping into things anymore, or stumbling and falling because you can’t navigate properly. At least you won’t have to explain all the strange cuts and bruises to curious people, because you won’t be a curiosity to them anymore. Yes, sobriety is a great thing and you will realize it more each day as your body begins to heal.

The physical benefits of sobriety will become apparent as your body begins to reverse from the negative effects of heavy alcohol consumption. Malnutrition will reverse as you begin to eat nutritious food again, and your immune system will heal and become strong in the process. Your taste buds will also return to normal and food will become a succulent delight. Your energy level will increase from the physical effects of sobriety, and your mind will release its depressive state and become balanced again as your neurotransmitters return to normal levels. You will feel good, and you will be able to concentrate and perform tasks that were difficult for you during your alcohol addiction.

The physical benefits of sobriety will bring you renewed hope and joy. Your body will be able to absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently, metabolism will be restored and organ cells will be renewed. Mental fogginess and depression will lift off of you, and your moods will become centered and manageable. There will be no more hangovers, blackouts and memory loss that you experienced while drinking. The positive effects of sobriety also include: a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, lowered blood pressure, and a reduced risk of cancer, pancreatitis, liver disease, infectious diseases, brain damage, stomach problems and central nervous system impairment. Research shows that physical changes that took place after drinking ceased for one month were surprising. Some of those changes were: a 16% drop in blood glucose levels, a 5% decrease in blood cholesterol, a 15% decrease in liver fat, plus an 18% increase in concentration, and a 10% increased in improved sleep. The positive effects of sobriety will change you and the quality of your life in countless ways.

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that requires professional medical treatment, and withdrawal from alcohol can cause severe health complications that are life-threatening. An alcoholic should only be weaned off of alcohol by experienced medical professionals, preferably as an in-patient in a rehab facility. A medically supervised detox process is considered the safest way to get off of alcohol. Medications can be administered to manage withdrawal symptoms and counseling is recommended to assist the patient during the withdrawal phase.

The benefits of sobriety timeline will begin after the withdrawal symptoms from the detox process have subsided. After the acute and post-acute withdrawal stage of detox, about one month later, withdrawal symptoms will subside and you will begin to start feeling better. Your body will begin to readjust to functioning without the presence of alcohol, and body chemistry will slowly return to normal. Because your body is going through many changes at this time, it is strongly recommended that you begin to live a healthy life by receiving adequate rest, exercise and nutrition, and also counseling to help you readjust to the many difficult physical and mental changes your are experiencing.

Eventually the benefits of sobriety timeline will be apparent and you will be free from the negative effects of alcohol addiction. Now would be a good time to heal relationships, make new friends and begin to enjoy a sober life. For help finding the right treatment for you, call us today at 1-800-429-7690 to speak with one of our addiction specialists.