5 Tips for Staying Sober at Parties

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Wondering how to still attend parties while in recovery? Here are tips for staying sober at parties…

Some people do not understand that addiction is a disease. Struggling with alcoholism and being sober at a party can be immensely difficult. You are offered a drink and say, “no thanks, I do not drink, I am in recovery” and the genius replies with, “how about a glass of wine then? Or, just one will not hurt.” I have heard this so many time that I cannot even count. People are ignorant. So, sometimes, the best course of action is to grab a red solo cup, fill it with your own virgin concoction, and no one will know what is inside or bother you about having a drink. Here are additional tips for staying sober at parties.

5 Tips for Staying Sober at Parties

Remember that your business is just that – your business. Do not feel compelled to tell people that you are in recovery because, for the most part, people do not understand addiction. Or, like the example above, you may be confronted with a “drink pusher.”

  1. I’m driving. Some people do not care about drinking and driving, but you do. Or at least, this is what you can say. It is unlikely you will be questioned much further after saying that.
  2. Medical excuses are fabulous. People will question you even less than if you say you are driving. You are bullet-proof. Try, “I am on antibiotics.” Ear infection, any infection, whatever. Does not matter. This usually works. Or, “I have a stomach ulcer.” This one sounds more serious.
  3. Fake the shot. If you are in a situation where someone buys a round of shots and hands you one, you can pretend to take it (pour it in a nearby planter or something – be creative). Or, if you have a friend at the party that knows your struggle, they can have it. I am sure they will appreciate it anyway.
  4. If you really want to go for it, or you are desperate, just tell them you are pregnant. No one questions a pregnant woman about not drinking or drugging. Sorry, gentlemen – this will not work for you.
  5. Stay connected with your support system. If you have a sponsor, or someone similar, you may want to check in with them during the party. You can never be too sure.

Of the many tips for staying sober at parties, honesty is usually the best policy. That being said, you are not obligated to say anything to anyone about your recovery. Especially at a work gathering, for example. You do not know how people in the workplace will react to hearing that you are a recovering addict. Sometimes, it is best not to reveal certain private things about oneself at work. Grab your solo cup and start pretending, so people will stop pestering.

I am sure you are wondering how to have fun sober at a party, but the truth of the matter is, that you have to learn through experience. When first becoming sober, it is advisable not to attend parties where there will drugs and alcohol – it could be far too tempting. But once you move further along in your recovery – you will want to start attending social events again. The key is to make sure you feel comfortable and may even bring someone along for support.

More tips for staying sober at parties include having an exit plan or having an honest conversation. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to be honest. Maybe you are comfortable with the host of the party, you could pull them aside and explain you are in recovery. If they are understanding – they will not offer you another drink again. Problem solved.

There is no right way for how to stay sober at parties. You just need to figure out what works best for you. You are your main concern – not what people think of you. If you have additional questions regarding how to stay sober at parties, or how to have fun sober at a party, call Better Addiction Care – we are waiting to take your call.