Ketamine Long Term Effects

Written by Chloe Nicosia

How Ketamine Long Term Effects Can Mean Serious Health Damage

Ketamine is a drug used as an anesthetic in medical settings and as a hallucinogenic recreational drug on the streets. It was originally meant to replace PCP as an anesthetic in hospitals and doctors’ offices in the 1960s. It was soon found that ketamine long term effects could be particularly troubling if too much was taken. Today, ketamine is still used as an anesthetic in medical settings. However, it is also heavily abused as a club drug. Teens and other young people tend to be the most common abusers of this drug­.

Negative Ketamine Long Term Effects to Be Aware Of

Numerous effects can result from abusing ketamine. These include both short and long term effects.

In terms of the short term effects of ketamine abuse, these include immediate euphoria, dizziness and the delirium, hallucinations and delusions, hypertension, psychomotor retardation, and in some rare instances, nausea and vomiting.

Perhaps even more troubling, however, are the ketamine long term effects, which can include coma, heart damage, and ketamine brain damage. Here is an exhaustive list of the long term effects of ketamine abuse:

Physical Ketamine Long Term Effects

The first and most detrimental physical effect of ketamine is that it causes dependence and tolerance. This means that the individual needs to take an increasingly larger amount of ketamine in order to achieve the same effects. Naturally, this increases the user’s likelihood of overdosing, which can cause a coma or direct fatality.

Additional physical effects of ketamine include:

  • Kidney problems
  • Thickening of the urinary tract and bladder, which may necessitate bladder removal down the line
  • Dangerously high blood pressure (especially when mixed with amphetamines)
  • Strain on the heart

Psychological and Emotional Ketamine Long Term Effects

Ketamine brain damage caused by long term use of the drug can often lead to permanent difficulties remembering names, words, and conversations. Additionally, it can cause:

  • Clouded thinking
  • Faulty judgment
  • Overall memory issues (short term and long term)
  • Wild mood swings
  • Trouble with concentration and focus
  • Decreased sociability
  • Attention dysfunction or deficit
  • Flashbacks

Furthermore, in individuals who may be predisposed to serious mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia or psychosis, the long term use of ketamine may trigger these disorders to appear or reappear.

It’s also essential to mention that because ketamine is an anesthetic, it drastically reduces and sometimes even eliminates the sensation of pain. Therefore, it can be difficult for users of this drug who may be badly physically injured to even realize it. It’s quite possible for someone on ketamine to break their leg from a fall or car accident and not even realize it physically until the drug has worn off.

Ketamine as a Date Rape Drugs

Ketamine has also been used as a date-rape drug. Because the drug is odorless, sexual predators may attempt to induce amnesia in the victim by slipping ketamine into their drink or asking them to take the drug recreationally with them.

As a result of taking ketamine, individuals usually do not remember anything during their high. This means that someone who was sexually assaulted while on ketamine likely won’t remember who their predator was, where they were, or what happened during an assault.

Get Help for a Ketamine Addiction

If you’ve found yourself struggling with ketamine abuse and addiction, you must seek professional help in order to get sober and recover.

Finding an addiction treatment center can be difficult when you’re struggling with addiction yourself. That’s why we want to help at Better Addiction Care. Give us a call at 1 (800) 429-7690 to find a reputable ketamine addiction treatment center in your area and to learn more about rehabilitation after a ketamine addiction.

Remember: recovery is always an option. You don’t have to live addiction if you don’t want to.