Prescription Drug Abuse in the Elderly

Information about Prescription Drug Abuse in the Elderly

Prescription drug abuse in the elderly is a real issue. One third of spending (in the United States) spent on prescription medications are by people over the age of sixty-five. These patients are typically prescribed multiple prescriptions and long-term medications which may lead to cognitive decline in some people, and could lead to abuse of the prescriptions. Those individuals on a fixed income may resort to abusing someone else’s prescriptions in order to save money. If you or a loved one need help finding a treatment center. Contact better addiction care at (800) 429-7690 to review your treatment options.

Prescription Drug Abuse in the Elderly

The geriatric community suffers from higher rates of comorbid illnesses, changes in drug metabolism, and a high potential for drug interactions. For these reasons, elderly prescription drug abuse is a growing problem. In addition to the aforementioned points, this population consumes larger amounts of dietary supplements and over-the-counter medications which, along with alcohol, may pose a problem and have more serious side effects if they are abusing prescription medications.

Which Meds Can Increase the Risk?

Prescription drug misuse in the elderly can commonly be traced to two substances: opioids and benzodiazepines. These drugs have a high instance of addiction in general – and more so in the older community.

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How Can You Tell?

Prescription drug abuse in the elderly is something you can try to spot and do something about. Look for the following clues:

Prescription drug misuse in the elderly can be a sensitive subject. This person does not want to be told what to do, especially because of their advanced age. The last thing you want to do is be disrespectful. However, if you believe the individual is truly abusing drugs – you can try to talk to the physician that prescribed the medication. This way, the doctor can try to get them help.

Although the elderly do not appear to be the usual drug addicts – it is a serious problem. Take control of access to their medications and assure they are taking the right dosage.

If you need help with prescription drug abuse in the elderly, please call better addiction care today at (800) 429-7690 to speak with a specialist. They can help review your options with you and locate treatment services that fit your needs.