What are Rapid Detox Centers?

Here’s What You Should Know About Rapid Detox Centers

Rapid detox centers are detoxification treatment centers that help individuals addicted to drugs to detox faster than average. These detox locations also aim to make the detoxification process pain-free. The rapid detox or accelerated detox process began in the 1980s. The goal was to create a detox environment that allowed individuals to be under the influence of anesthesia throughout the experience of withdrawal that is generally associated with detox. Being under throughout this process meant that individuals wouldn’t have to experience the discomfort or pain of withdrawal, and when they awoke, they would be completely detoxed from their drugs of choice.

Does Rapid Detox Actually Work?

Many people hear about rapid detox but still have questions about its efficacy. The truth of the matter is that rapid detox centers do work to effectively eliminate drugs from the patient’s body and help them detox quicker than average. Additionally, this form of detox has numerous other benefits that regular detox centers do not have.

The Benefits of Rapid Detox

#1 Patients feel none of the discomfort or pain of withdrawal symptoms.

As you may be aware, withdrawal symptoms during detoxification can be extremely uncomfortable. For example, detoxing from alcohol can produce severe tremors, a low-grade fever, confusion, severe anxiety, profuse sweating, and even seizures and hallucinations. Similarly, withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox may include anxiety, restlessness, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, seizures, and digestive issues.

These withdrawal symptoms are terrible to experience, and this is one of the main reasons why individuals struggling with addiction do not seek help. They fear the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with detox. However, when rapid detox is used to help these individuals, they do not need to experience any of the pain or discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms.

#2 Patients do not need to take additional medications.

In most situations of standard detox, medical specialists want to help quell the symptoms of withdrawal as well, so they will administer specific medications to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Essentially, this means that a patient who has been using and abusing drugs is going to be taking additional drugs during detox. Naturally, you can see why this could be dangerous and cause for concern. Most of these medical specialists know exactly what they’re doing, and to be sure, standard detoxification can be a completely safe process even when medicine is used to quell withdrawal symptoms.

With that being said, many families as well as patients are not comfortable with taking additional medicine, essentially in order to stop taking the drugs they were abusing in the first place. On the other hand, with rapid detox, these additional drugs do not need to be administered because the patient is under the influence of anesthesia anyway throughout the process and cannot feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

#3 Rapid detox gets the process over with quickly.

Again, one of the main reasons that individuals who desperately need help for addiction do not seek it out is because they fear the withdrawal process. In many cases, they are right to worry because certain detoxification periods and periods of withdrawal can last numerous days and even up to a few weeks. Rapid detox on the other hand, lasts for only a number of hours — usually eight ­– and then it’s over.

#4 Only the best doctors administer rapid detox.

It is also important to note that only the best, board-certified anesthesiologists will administer the necessary anesthesia to the patient in preparation for the rapid detox process.

Find Rapid Detox Centers Near Me

At Better Addiction Care, we often have individuals asking, “Where can I find rapid detox centers near me?” And to this, we can always find an answer. Our database includes a multitude of rapid detox centers that we can help you connect with.

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