6 Tips to Find the Right Drug Treatment Program

Written by Chloe Nicosia

These Tips to Find the Right Drug Treatment Program Will Help You Achieve Sobriety for the Long Term

Not all drug rehab treatment programs are the same, nor do they all offer the same types of treatments or therapies. Before entering into any rehab facility, take the time to check out some tips to find the right drug treatment program.

Tip #1: Types of Treatment

If you’re determined to find the right drug treatment center for your individual needs, take the time to do some homework about the types of treatments available and the settings in which treatments are offered. For example, do you know the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab treatments? Do you have budget or financial concerns in terms of the cost of rehab? If you’ve done a bit of homework about your options first, you’re in a better position to locate suitable tips to find the right drug treatment program for your specific needs.

Tip #2: Inpatient or Outpatient

Most people automatically assume that outpatient rehab programs will offer more freedom that can allow them to stick to work or family commitments. However, the best inpatient drug rehab programs provide a safe environment away from the temptation of drugs or alcohol.  Inpatient rehab facilities also remove the recovering person from people or places associated with substance abuse, which gives them the opportunity to focus solely on the recovery process.

Tip #3: Medically-assisted Detox

Far too many people think they can just quit using drugs at home by going ‘cold turkey’. In reality, detoxing from some types of drugs can produce potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that may need emergency medical assistance.

By comparison, finding the right drug treatment center that offers a medically-assisted detox program can reduce some of the risk associated with withdrawal and provide medical supervision to ensure your safety.

Tip #4: Alternative and Holistic Therapies

Most of the available tips to find the right drug treatment program focus solely on location or detox. However, some of the best inpatient drug rehab facilities also integrate a range of alternative or holistic therapies into a structured treatment program. The objective of alternative therapies is to introduce recovering people to a variety of healthy, natural ways to manage cravings, relieve symptoms of stress, cope with emotions or feelings, and reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Tips #5: Addiction Aftercare Services

The best inpatient drug rehab centers don’t allow recovering people to leave without first ensuring they are equipped with all the recovery tools and resources they need to remain clean and sober. Before you make a decision about which is the right drug treatment center for you, ask whether the facility provides a range of aftercare services. Some typical aftercare services might include ongoing counseling or therapy, access to local group support meetings, information about sober living communities or halfway houses, and contact details for continuing with alternative therapies.

Tip #6: Seek Objective Advice

The best tips to find the right drug treatment program come from an unbiased, objective source of information. The team at Better Addiction Care is dedicated to helping people right across America find the right drug treatment center or rehab programs to suit each person’s individual needs.

Take the time to call Better Addiction Care and discuss your rehab treatment needs with us. Our team can offer advice and information about the different treatment options available and then work to locate the best inpatient drug rehab facility to suit your treatment needs, your unique budget, and your location.