Define What is Substance Abuse

Define What is Substance Abuse and Examine Treatment Options

For individuals aware of social and cultural conditions within the United States, it is painfully obvious that the U.S. is experiencing a drug abuse crisis. According to numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have officially reached epidemic criteria. When the drug abuse crisis is discussed, the terms drug abuse and substance abuse are often used synonymously; however, the term substance abuse confuses some, so it is important to define what is substance abuse and to examine treatment options. To define what is substance abuse is to view the current drug addiction crisis through the most panoramic perspective. At the core, substance abuse is the hazardous and harmful use of any psychoactive substance, which includes alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs. If a person is using any type of substance that has the ability to alter their brain chemistry, they are participating in a form of substance abuse, and they run the risk of developing a chemical dependency to the substance in question.

To Define What is Substance Abuse Look Beyond Conventional Wisdom

At Better Addiction Care, we help people who are struggling with all types of substance abuse by providing them with resources and assistance that will allow them to identify the problem and find the right treatment facility and program to help them. Substance abuse is a term that is used to provide a lucid portrait of the issues associated with addiction. When people hear drug abuse, they often neglect to consider alcohol and tobacco in the same light with “drugs,” but alcohol abuse costs this country more than $27 billion per year in health care alone and $78 billion overall. When we define what is substance abuse, we cover the entire gamut of substances that have the capacity to alter brain and body chemistry in a negative way over time.

While there are many types of substance abuse, the end result is often the same – chemical dependency. Substance abuse has reached pandemic levels, spanning the globe. And while it is obviously more prevalent in certain areas, it is difficult to find a part of the world that has not been impacted by it.

One example of substance abuse that is often dismissed as a normal part of growing up is teenage binge-drinking. What appears to be nothing more than teens having fun pushing the limits is the precursor to alcoholism, which is the most devastating form of abuse, as far as impact is concerned. An even more subtle example of substance abuse is cigarette smoking. Cigarettes have the drug nicotine in them, and nicotine is highly addictive. When you combine that with the understanding that smoking has been linked to the development of cancer and cardiovascular disease, it is easy to see how constant use of this substance can be highly destructive.

With so many types of substance abuse plaguing America, it is important for the public to understand how and where to get the help they need.

Examining Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

When we define what is substance abuse, we are then challenged with the task of identifying the best possible treatment to help people stop abusing the substance of their choice. Here at Better Addiction Care, we work with people who are currently struggling with substance abuse and their families. We provide the information to help them better understand their illness, and we also help them find the residential treatment center that will be properly staffed and equipped to assist them in confronting their substance abuse problem in a manner that will enhance their chances of experiencing a complete recovery. If you are struggling with substance abuse, call 1-800-429-7690 to speak with one our addiction specialists, or you can visit our website at


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