What are the Long Term Opioid Use Side Effects?

Learning what are the Long Term Opioid Use Side Effects is an Import First Step

There have been many famous epidemics throughout the course of history and many more that have gone unnoticed by those not directly affected.  Right now, the United States is in the midst of an opioid abuse and addiction epidemic and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  There are several connected reason why opioids, which as an overall category have been used for centuries for both medicinal and what we would refer to in modern times as recreational use, are being taken and abused to such an extent today.  To learn more about opioids in general, the long term opioid use side effects, and more specific information like the long term effects of opiates on organs and psychological effects of opiates, call and speak to someone at Better Addiction Care at (800) 429-7690.

What are Opioids?

Opioids is the term now used for any drug, whether naturally derived or somewhat modified, that come from the opium poppy seed plant.  The category is large, and contains well-known illegal street drugs such as heroin, as well as prescription pain medications like oxycodone.  One of the reasons there has been such a sharp increase in recreation use, abuse, and addiction over the past many years is the correlating growth in the pharmaceutical development of opioid pain medications.  Not only does the quantity on the market make them more readily available, the fact that prescriptions drugs are legal lends legitimacy, even if only in the mind of the abuser, for their use.

What are the Long Term Effects of Opiates on Organs?

All habitual drug or alcohol use will have effects on a person’s body over time.  Each drug, or category of drug, carries with it different side effects. The long term effects of opiates on organs covers many different areas of the body and each person who abuses opioids or becomes addicted will have a reaction somewhat unique to them. They can include the following:

What are the Psychological Effects of Opiates?

The psychological effects of opiates can vary depending on the length and severity of a person’s addiction. As an individual’s life is taken over by their addiction, they can feel as if they no longer belong to mainstream society.  When this occurs, they may begin to isolate themselves from friends and family members, as well as turn their back on typical responsibilities, like work and school.  This separation from society can take on a few forms.  One being that they are different and do not belong as part of the rest of society and another being that they are somehow not good enough, or are damaged in some way.  The psychological effects of opiates can be very dangerous as the person will not only naturally build up a tolerance to the substance they are taking over time but may also feel like they need to do more, or even different combinations of drugs, in order to fully escape the normal world in their eyes.