Street Names for Crack

There are Many Street Names for Crack. Some of These You Might Have Never Heard

Crack by any other name is still crack. Cocaine can come in many forms, with some people choosing to snort it, others choosing to inject it, and others choosing to smoke it in crack form. Crack came into vogue in the United States in the late 1970s and 1980s before War on Drug policies slapped down users with extremely lengthy prison sentences for crack use. It is no wonder why those who have struggled with a crack problem want to find a way out of their addiction. With the names of drugs often changing on the streets today, a working knowledge of those names can save you in some instances and help identify a problem developing in a loved one. What are the latest street names for crack? Here are a few.

The names for crack can shift quickly and can vary by region. Often, people in different drug communities come up with their own names for crack. This often happens with popular street drugs, as those using them try to evade the attention of police officers by keeping a low profile. In some cases, the street name for cocaine in powder or crack form can be similar, so one has to be careful when they hear these names. Understanding the street names for crack can allow you to stay away from those who might drag you back into drug addiction as you try to make your way out of it.

Street names for crack all seem to revolve around a central concept. When cocaine is cooked into its crack form, the drug resembles that of a candied rock. Those responsible for naming the drug tend to either name it on the basis of its effects–as with the name “tornado–or on the basis of the drug’s appearance, as with various rock-related names. When you find yourself on the street and you hear one of these names, you can guess that you are probably dealing with some variant of cocaine. When the name has more to do with a rock than with the speed-inducing nature of cocaine, you’re likely hearing the street names for crack rather than the drug’s powder form.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

No matter what name you give crack, it’s still a dangerous and addictive drug. Its tendency to wreck lives and crush the user’s health has been responsible, at least in part, for producing the government backlash to the drug. Those who struggle with this drug can find relief in programs designed to deal with the mental, psychological, and physical effects of the drug. Users can take advantage of programs designed to analyze their existing situation and get them on the right track to freedom. Kicking the habit is not easy, but it becomes much easier when one is able to identify the problem and appropriately move away from it. Knowing the street names for cocaine is a start, and understanding the potential for recovery is the next step.

The Effects of Crack on the Body

It’s no wonder that crack users want to come back for more when they’ve had a taste. When crack blocks the dopamine receptors in the brain, causing the euphoric chemical to build up, it gives people a sense that they could take on the world. This feeling is fleeting, of course, and crack users often ravage their bodies in ways unrelated to the euphoric rush. With its many names, crack continues to have a place on America’s streets. Fortunately for those who are addicted, solutions to this problem continue to provide much needed relief.

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