What Are the Signs of Addiction?

Do You Know What Are the Signs of Addiction?

If you’re concerned about a loved one’s erratic or unusual behavior and/or change in appearance, chances are you’ve started wondering whether they’re using drugs. You might have even wondered ‘what are the signs of addiction‘ and what should I look for? Addictive drugs can cause a person’s behavior and attitudes to change. Some people may experience noticeable physical changes to the way they look or speak or act.

What Are the Signs of Addiction to Drugs?

The actual psychological and physical signs of addiction will vary, depending on the type of substance being used. Some common signs of addiction to look for include:

Aside from the physical signs of addiction, there are also some psychological changes and indicators to watch for. These can include:

If someone you know is displaying unusual psychological or physical signs of addiction, it’s advised not to confront the person directly. Rather, seek advice and assistance from Better Addiction Care about the safest way to proceed.

What Are the Causes of Addiction?

When asking the question ‘what are the causes of addiction?’ most people automatically assume the answer will relate to a bad childhood, traumatic event in the past, symptoms of mental illness, or some other easily explainable event or circumstance.

In reality, understanding the implications of the question of ‘what are the causes of addiction’ is not so easy. The causes of addiction can vary enormously and may be different for individual people.

Some people turn to drugs or alcohol as an attempt to self-medicate. They may want to improve a low mood, feel more confident in a social situation, escape from painful emotions or feelings, or relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety.

Other people may have underlying mental health problems that have remained undiagnosed or improperly treated. There are also some people who use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism instead of dealing with problems head-on.

The question of ‘what are the causes of addiction’ differs dramatically to asking ‘what are the signs of addiction?’ Recognizing the individual psychological symptoms and physical signs of addiction is not the same as understanding the triggers behind what may have started the habit of substance abuse in the first place.

If you’re wondering ‘what are the causes of addiction?’ and considered that you might be able to help your loved one quit using drugs or alcohol on your own, always remember that it’s wisest not to confront the person alone.

A person caught in a cycle of addiction may react unpredictably, deny the problem, become aggressive or even withdraw deeper into addictive use through shame and guilt. If you’ve found yourself asking ‘what are the signs of addiction?’ and begun noticing your loved one behaving differently, it’s time to ask for professional help.

The team at Better Addiction Care can provide guidance and advice about locating the correct rehab treatment facilities that could be the key to your loved one recovering from addiction. Call us today for help at 1.800.429.7690.