The Dangers Of Drug Addiction Among Women Addicts

Written by Chloe Nicosia

The Additional Dangers of Drug Addiction That Women Face

The life of every drug addict is fraught with risks and dangers, but for a woman the perils of substance abuse include the additional possibility of sexual exploitation and rape. When a woman first starts abusing, she is not aware of the extreme dangers of drug addiction and how they will impact her life.

Dangers Of Drug Addiction For Women

When a woman becomes addicted to a prescription drug, it isn’t long before she finds herself needing to go outside of legal sources to obtain it or a similar drug. Doctor shopping is becoming more difficult, cameras have made shoplifting challenging, forging prescriptions involves serious jail time, and the only option left is buying from street dealers. Two of a woman’s greatest dangers of drug addiction are sexual exploitation and rape. A woman in need of drugs is usually already exhibiting withdrawal symptoms, and drug dealers recognize this and see an opportunity to take physical advantage of the situation. Women who report sexual assaults are labeled “cop callers” and find that dealers avoid them. The dangers of drug abuse are many, and for women the threat is compounded.

Substance Abuse Among Women

Drug addiction affects both men and women, however the female gender has unique differences resulting from their biology and genetics. The changes substance abuse among women causes in the brain are different than those that occur in a man. When a woman is addicted to drugs, the side effects often seem more severe. Depression, low self-esteem, extreme weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and the risk of contracting hepatitis C and HIV are some of the specific issues that accompany substance abuse among women. Other physical health problems can include issues with blood pressure and overall heart health.

  • Women can become addicted using smaller amounts of drugs.
  • Women may be more susceptible to relapse following treatment.
  • How women respond to cravings can be affected by the menstrual cycle.
  • Women can be more sensitive to the effects of drugs due to sex hormones.
  • More women wind up in the emergency room as a result of overdose.
  • Women are more likely to die from overdose.
  • Highly emotional events, such as divorce, losing custody of children, or the death of a spouse or parent can trigger substance abuse in women.

The Dangers of Drug Abuse For Women

The dangers of drug abuse for women are many. Drug addicted women are subject to sexual abuse and rape, which can result in an unplanned pregnancy. Women don’t stop using drugs because they become pregnant. Because of the side effects of drug abuse, a pregnancy may not be noticed for a few months. The dangers of drug abuse for a fetus are life-threatening. The pregnant woman is susceptible to serious health problems if she continues using drugs while pregnant. She may experience severe migraines, high blood pressure, and seizures, and these effects will also affect the fetus. Women who also smoke marijuana increase the risk of stillbirth, and some drugs increase the chance of miscarriage.

Unfortunately many women will not seek treatment for their addiction and hope to avoid the stigma attached to being a drug abuser. Emotional concerns over the possibility of losing her job, her children, or her freedom will often drive a woman to try and “quit” her substance abuse at home. This is a risky choice at best, and is almost certain to fail.

There is help for women in professional settings at inpatient drug rehab centers. A phone call can change your life and start you down the road to recovery. Don’t live another day surrounded by the dangers of drug abuse for women. Help is available now.¬†Get help now and contact us. Call 1-800-429-7690 today and speak with a Better Addiction Care professional that can direct you to the right rehab facility.