Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol? 10 Signs

Do I Have a Problem with Alcohol? 10 Signs You Need To Seek Help

No one ever expects that first drink is going to change the course of his or her life, but for many people it does. Do I have a problem with alcohol is a question few people would ask aloud, but some do at the beginning of the alcoholic journey. If you recognize the signs that signal trouble early enough, you can derail the train of abuse and addiction before it takes over your life.

Do I Have A Problem With Alcohol? # Signs

There are many early indicators that signal the onset of a drinking problem. You may not recognize them as they seem very innocuous at the time they occur. The answer to the question – Do I have a problem with alcohol? The answer may be found in the responses to the following group of questions. Be honest with yourself when asking if any of these incidents have occurred one or more times in the past year.

If your answer to these questions included at least one yes, you are experiencing alcohol use disorder, and you need to seek help to prevent your drinking from ruining your life. A simple phone call will connect you to a trained counselor who can direct you to an addiction treatment center in your area.

Drinking Problem Signs

There are drinking problem signs that indicate you need help right away. Ignoring the signs will complicate your physical and mental health, and make it more difficult to get your life back under control. If you do any of the following things, you need professional help.

Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

There are ten warning signs of alcoholism that should not be ignored. Your dreams for the future, your career, and your family can all be lost because of devotion to alcohol instead of life. The following signs indicate you are an alcoholic, and you must get professional help immediately.

  1. Tolerance – If you have to continue to drink more alcohol to reach the level of comfort that you are used to, you have built a tolerance to alcohol that will continue to require greater amounts each time you drink.
  2. Do you wake up needing a drink to get rid of the shakes? It’s a major problem if withdrawal symptoms greet you in the morning, and you must have a drink to relieve them.
  3. You are unable to control your drinking.
  4. You have tried to cut back or quit drinking, but you can’t.
  5. You have stopped doing things with family and friends because of your drinking.
  6. Alcohol is your primary focus. You think about how you can get more and when your next drink will be.
  7. You have no interest in attending events where there is no drinking.
  8. You know your job is at risk, but you drink anyway.
  9. Your marriage and family is falling apart because of your drinking, but you won’t stop.
  10. Your finances are in bad shape, bills are getting paid, and your money goes to purchasing alcohol before taking care of your family.

Help is as close as your telephone, and you should not wait another day to make the call. Every day you continue to drink your mental and physical health is deteriorating. If you don’t know what to do, have someone in your family call for you today. Contact us now at 1.800.429.7690.