Famous Female Drug Addicts

Written by Chloe Nicosia

The Faces of Addiction – Famous Female Drug Addicts

Addiction is something that can affect people from all walks of life – even the famous. Over the years, there have been many famous female drug addicts that have frequented rehabs to try to overcome their addiction, while others have died from an overdose. It is no surprise that even well-known people can fall victim to substance abuse since in 2009 alone, 23.5 million people in the United States needed to receive treatment from a rehab because of their substance abuse.

Who are some of the celebrity drug addicts that have been negatively affected by the troubles of addiction? In this article, we will look at some of the famous female drug addicts.

Marilyn Monroe

The well-known Marilyn Monroe was a movie star and sex symbol in her time. She died from a barbiturate overdose in 1962.

Drew Barrymore

After her child-acting days that brought her into the movie spotlight, Drew Barrymore struggled with an addicted in her teenage years. She went to rehab two separate times to be treated for substance abuse.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Among the famous female drug addicts is Mary-Kate Olsen. She became famous with her twin sister in the show Full House. Years later, she had to receive treatment for anorexia due to her cocaine dependence.

Lindsay Lohan

Perhaps one of the most famous female drug addicts in recent times, Lindsay Lohan was seen on the cover of social magazines due to her numerous arrest from DUI. Lindsay first became famous from her hit movie “The Parent Trap”. ¬†She went to rehab several times to try and overcome her addiction to cocaine and alcohol – a common combination of substances.

Farrah Fawcett

From a once-promising movie star and all-American beauty, Farrah Fawcett’s career was shattered due to her many problems with alcohol and drug addiction, creating several twists and turns in her life.

Nicole Richie

The actress Nicole Richie had several incidents involving car accidents and arrests that were due to her drug use. She reportedly abused drugs including heroin, marijuana and cocaine.

Judy Garland

The star from the “Wizard of Oz”, Judy Garland had a life-long struggle with a barbiturate addiction. Eventually, she lost her life from an overdose to the substance at the young age of 47.

Elizabeth Taylor

One of the best actresses in what was known as the Golden Age in Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor had an ongoing dependence to drugs and alcohol for many years of her life.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is known for several movies such as Spider-Man but not as well known for her problems with alcohol and drugs. She reportedly went in and out of rehab a few times for her addictions.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith, made famous by her appearances in Playboy and later as an actress, lost her life due to a drug overdose. In 2007, she was found dead with several drugs being reported present in her system at the time.

Britney Spears

Another of the notable celebrity drug addicts in recent years is Britney Spears. This famous singer’s drug problems began to surface after her divorce to Kevin Federline in 2006. She attempted suicide and even claimed to be the anti-Christ during her drug-addicted days. Substance abuse among females is not uncommon and thankfully, she received the treatment she needed at rehab.

Dealing with substance abuse among females is nothing new in today’s world, even among the famous. Rehab centers are prepared to help people who are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse before the addiction spirals out of control.