Best Books on Drug Addiction Recovery

Recovery Addicts Often Write The Best Books On Drug Addiction

When struggling with drug addiction, your own or that of a loved one, having a good selection of books to consult is very helpful. Others have fought the battle with substance abuse and are the authors of many of the best books on drug addiction and recovery. There are a variety of written works on drug and alcohol abuse. Some books are written from personal experience in the form of a journal, others include before and after stories, accounts by family members of an addict, and educational volumes.

Best Books on Drug Addiction Recovery

There are so many good books that it’s hard to know which to get. The following list contains books written to help the addict going through detox and recovery. You’ll find these are some of the best books on drug addiction recovery available.

Books About Addiction

The many books about addiction are written to help both the addict and his or her family. Here are more of the best books on drug addiction recovery.

Memoirs About Addiction

Many memoirs about addiction have been written. It’s impossible to list them all, but the ones listed are definitely worth reading.

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