What Sets Top Addiction Treatment Centers Apart?

Written by Chloe Nicosia

How To Recognize Top Addiction Treatment Centers

When families need a top addiction treatment centers for loved ones, what should they look for? The top addiction treatment centers are incorporating alternative and holistic therapies along with traditional methods. A phone call to Better Addiction Care will connect you to a trained professional who can locate a top facility in your area.

Top Addiction Treatment Centers

If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction, you need a facility that is staffed with doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other professionally trained staff. Detoxification is the first step in recovery, and many substance abusers need close medical supervision during this initial step. Certain addictions can have severe withdrawal symptoms including seizures, tremens and respiratory problems, which require the patient to be monitored closely. If your loved one has any health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney problems, it is critical that you choose a facility with MDs and RNs on staff. Going through detoxification can poise risks for certain people, and they should never try to quit cold turkey at home alone. Top addiction treatment centers will have the necessary medical staff to care for a person requiring close monitoring. The most serious physical withdrawal symptoms come from alcohol and tranquilizers. Stopping these substances abruptly can lead to the following dangerous withdrawal complications.

  • Grand mal seizures
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens (DTs)

Top Drug Rehab Centers

Another reason to choose a top drug rehab center is the access to professionally trained staff who specialize in substance abuse including both drugs and alcohol. Your loved one will have traditional and holistic treatment options available including art therapy, yoga, exercise, nutrition, and bio feedback. Following detox, inpatient rehab offers the greatest opportunities for long-term recovery. Top drug rehab centers will offer both private and group therapy, holistic options, relapse prevention, and psychological counseling. A good treatment center will prepare your loved one for returning to regular daily life. It’s critical to learn how to establish good work, family, and social relationships. Stress management, coping techniques, honest communication, and the building of positive relationships will be part of your loved one’s counseling and therapy sessions.

Top drug rehab centers are pleasant places designed to reduce stress and make your loved one comfortable as he or she goes through detoxification and rehab. While they are abusing drugs or alcohol, addicts don’t think about the need for healthy food. Good nutritious food will be a priority during rehab because most addicts are undernourished.

Top Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

Opioid prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the US. Addiction to opioids generally occurs following an accident or surgery where the patient experiences a great amount of pain. Painkillers are prescribed, but after awhile they don’t seem to be having the desired result and the patient starts taking a little more. Addiction creeps up quickly, often before the individual realizes it. Detox and rehab is the way for the user to restore their life and recover. Top drug and alcohol treatment centers are prepared to help the opioid addict through withdrawal, rehab, and recovery.

Opioid withdrawal includes the emotional symptoms of anxiety, irritability, restlessness, lack of concentration, depression, sleeplessness, and headaches. Physical withdrawal symptoms include tachycardia, palpitations, sweating, muscle tension, breathing difficulties, nausea, diarrhea, and tremors. Painkillers are highly addictive, but once the addict has been through detox the pain returns. Top drug and alcohol treatment centers have staff trained to work with pain management programs designed to help the individual learn new ways to reduce his or her pain.

There is no need for you or a loved one to suffer any longer from the devastating effects of substance abuse. A quick phone call will have you connected to an addiction specialist that can help lead you to the best facility for treatment.