Dangerous IV Drug Use Infections and Diseases

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Life-Threatening IV Drug Use Infections

We hear a lot in the news about drug overdoses and deaths. In fact, things have reached epidemic levels, and President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. What we don’t hear much about are IV drug use infections and the resulting costs to the American people. Too many people are becoming statistics in the current drug abuse crisis. Better Addiction Care’s professional addiction specialists can help you locate the facility that has exactly the program you need for yourself or a family member who is using drugs intravenously.

Dangerous IV Drug Use Infections and Diseases

The risk of contracting or infecting someone with a viral infection is increased when drugs are injected. Addicts may share needles and other paraphernalia and pass disease, and it can be spread by having unprotected sex while under the influence of the drug. IV drug use infections are responsible for endocarditis, an infection that strikes the heart. When the infected person is lucky they require surgery to remove lesions from infected heart valves, but many victims of endocarditis require a replacement heart valve or a pacemaker. Hospitals are being overwhelmed with the number of drug users needing treatment. Many reject treatment for their diseases and return to the hospitals over-and-over again. The cost of these visits to hospitals and taxpayers equals tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient every year. Each month an addict goes without detox and rehab takes a serious toll on his or her mental and physical health. Every day without treatment is a day closer to IV drug use infections that can destroy the heart or other organs.

IV Drug Use Complications

IV drug use complications can be many and serious. The additional health risks that occur when drugs are injected include long-term health disorders, psychiatric issues, and volatile social situations that can result in serious injury. Addicts who continually risk IV drug use complications that can affect every organ and system of the body. The mortality risk of IV drug users is 24 times as great as that of that average person. Anyone taking drugs intravenously needs help immediately. Call Better Addiction Care for yourself or a loved one and talk to an addiction specialist who can guide you through the process of getting into the right addiction treatment center with both medical and psychological help available. Delaying treatment for IV drug use hastens the possibility of irreversible damage to the heart, organ failure, brain damage, or death.

Blood Infection From IV Drug Use

Numerous toxins and pathogens can be introduced into the intravenous drug user’s body including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), bacteria, viruses, and fungi. MRSA is the bacteria that cause most blood infection from IV drug use. Careless behavior of IV drug users includes failure to clean the injection site, sharing needles, using the same syringe numerous times, improper handling of needles, and lack or personal hygiene. Unhygienic handling of needles increases the risk of bacteria being introduced by blood-to-blood contact. Injecting repeatedly in the same site can create ulcers, abscesses, and tracks that can cause a serious and potentially deadly infection. The risk of infection is greater if the user misses a vein and injects the drug into a muscle. Hepatitis C is a great risk to addicts that inject drugs. Evidence seems to show that over 60 percent of new patients with hepatitis C were injecting drugs in the six months prior to diagnosis.

Without help, IV drug users face a hopeless future and an untimely and wretched death. Better Addiction Care has one goal, and that is to assist addicts and their families to find the right addiction care center to help them reverse the life-destroying journey IV drug use is taking them on. Call Better Addiction care and get your loved one or yourself started down the road to healing and health.

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