10 Benefits Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

There are Many Benefits of Staying Sober this Holiday Season…

The holiday season brings stress for everyone, but when you are in recovery from alcohol abuse or drug addiction, the temptation to relapse can be very strong. Being sober is the number one reason for celebration because you will truly be able to enjoy this special season with the people you love. When family members and friends are having a few drinks to celebrate, remember these 10 benefits of staying sober during the holidays.

10 Benefits Of Staying Sober During The Holidays

Being sobers means enjoying and remember all the events that take place over the holidays. Opening gifts, Christmas stockings, watching a child’s excitement, pumpkin pie, steamy mugs of hot chocolate topped with gooey marshmallow, and kissing someone you love under the mistletoe are just a few of the things you might enjoy over the holidays. Here are 10 benefits of staying sober during the holidays.

  1. The holidays are a great time for strengthening fragile family relationships. Being sober at family gatherings shows family members you are serious about your recovery and your future.
  2. You will fully enjoy and remember all the holiday festivities including delicious family meals.
  3. You will be setting an example to younger family members by being sober.
  4. You won’t be embarrassed the next day because of your behavior, and you won’t blackout.
  5. You won’t have any hangovers to keep you from going to work the next day.
  6. There will be no overdose trips to the emergency room.
  7. You’ll look and smell good.
  8. You can participate in family traditions and games and be at your best.
  9. No legal problems will occur from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  10. No family members or friends will be angry with you.

Of course there are many other benefits to remaining sober over the holidays, and many of them are personal. Write out a list and place it in a place where you can reflect on it often during the day.

Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

Very few holiday parties are without alcoholic beverages. If feel you must attend one because of your job or family commitments, prepare yourself in advance with all the tools you have in your recovery arsenal. Use the following tips for staying sober at parties:

How To Stay Sober From Drugs

Diabetics have to stay away from sugars and certain foods or risk a health crisis. Addiction is also a disease that can destroy a person’s health (both mental and physical). You need to know how to stay sober from drugs. It’s important to identify your triggers. Tape them to the bathroom mirror and read them every day as you get ready for work or school. Download an app to your phone that gives you inspirational and positive thinking quotes throughout the day.

If you, a friend, or loved one does relapse over the holidays, call Better Addiction Care right now at 1.800.429.7690.. One of their counselors will connect you with the right addiction care facility to get right back on track.