Phenobarbital Addiction Treatment

Phenobarbital addiction treatment can help you end an addiction to this dangerous sedative once and for all.

Phenobarbital is a class of prescription drugs known as barbiturates. A central nervous system sedative, phenobarbital produces a feeling of calm and relaxation and is used to treat anxiety disorders and seizures. Phenobarbital has a potential for addiction and dependence, and once these have developed, professional phenobarbital addiction treatment is almost always needed to recover for the long-term.

Are You Addicted to Phenobarbital?

Addiction is characterized by the inability to stop using a drug even though using is causing problems in your life. These problems may be related to your relationships, your physical or mental health, your finances, or the law. If you’re addicted to phenobarbital, you’ll find that you can’t stop using it even though you want to or have tried to.

Addiction changes the chemical functions and physical structures of the brain and affects thought and behavior patterns. It leads to intense cravings that are produced by chemical interactions among the learning, memory, and reward centers of the brain, which become conditioned to want the drug in order to feel the pleasure it produces.

Some of the signs that you’re addicted to phenobarbital include:

Phenobarbital addiction treatment helps you overcome the addiction once and for all while mitigating the damage done to your life by the addiction.

Are You Dependent on Phenobarbital?

If symptoms of withdrawal from phenobarbital set in when you stop using it suddenly, you may be dependent on it. Dependence isn’t the same thing as addiction.

When you heavily abuse phenobarbital, your brain changes its chemical function in order to compensate for the presence of the drug. This causes tolerance, which occurs when you need increasingly larger doses of phenobarbital to get the desired effects. But the more you take, the more brain function changes, and at some point, the brain may begin to need phenobarbital to operate comfortably. Then, when you stop using it, normal brain function rebounds, and withdrawal symptoms set in. Withdrawal from phenobarbital can produce extremely uncomfortable symptoms, such as anxiety, nausea and vomiting, and insomnia. It can also cause dangerous shifts in blood pressure and heart rate, and these can be fatal.

Since no medications have been approved by the FDA to treat phenobarbital withdrawal, detox typically involves tapering off the doses. Weaning off phenobarbital side effects may include some of the less-severe symptoms, like headache and anxiety, but it will help prevent dangerous symptoms from occurring. Weaning off phenobarbital side effects can last for the duration of the weaning process, and some symptoms, like anxiety and cravings, can last far longer.

How Phenobarbital Addiction Treatment Works

Phenobarbital addiction treatment is about more than quitting using phenobarbital. In order to treat the addiction, a variety of therapies will be used to help you:

Phenobarbital addiction treatment should take place through a high quality, holistic treatment program that offers a variety of traditional and complementary therapies to get to the bottom of the addiction. Treatment works for most people who engage with their treatment plan, and it can help you restore your quality of life and sense of wellbeing for the long haul.

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