7 Sober Activities and Things to Prevent Relapse

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Do These Things To Prevent Relapse

Relapse is the greatest fear of a recovering addict. No one wants to go back to drugs after he or she spent weeks ridding cleaning them out of their body. There are things to prevent relapse, that can help people maintain their recovery.

7 Sober Activities And Things To Prevent Relapse

The risk of relapse for addicts is very high, especially if they have not been taught to recognize dangerous triggers. Knowing your triggers is essential if you want to avoid them. For many addicts the following list of triggers also includes things to prevent relapse.

  1. Neighborhoods – Avoid even driving through any neighborhood where you know there are users and dealers. Don’t go into bars or eating places where they hang out.
  2. Acquaintances – The people you did drugs with are not your friends. They were drug-using acquaintances. Stay away from them, and don’t stray into places where you may find addicts.
  3. Coping Mechanisms – If you went through rehab, you have learned some coping mechanisms to help you deal with cravings and temptations. You can also develop some of your own coping ideas.
  4. Personal Support Group – Your support group includes people who want you to succeed and may include family members, friends, doctor, and counselors.
  5. Narcotics Anonymous – Attend regular meetings to reinforce your decision to remain drug-free. Your Narcotics Anonymous sponsor is an important member of your support group.
  6. Relapse Plan – Have a plan to follow if the cravings become too strong, and you are tempted to use. Turn to your support group. Go to a meeting. Call your sponsor. Have a list of things you can do when you find yourself in a bad place.
  7. Meditate or Pray – Every day take time to either pray or meditate on positive things in your life. Focus on good things and your hopes for your future.

Relapse Prevention Techniques For Substance Abuse

There are a number of relapse prevention techniques for substance abuse that are strong tools for the person in recovery. If you are feeling cravings try one of the following activities:

  • Get Physical – Participate in some power walking, running, or go to the gym and workout.
  • Spend Time In Nature – Hiking, climbing, caving, and lots of other outdoor activities are mentally and physically healthy.
  • Get On And In The Water – If you live near the ocean or a lake go fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, boating, jet skiing, and rafting are just a few of the water sports that will keep your thoughts in healthy channels.
  • Mental Activities – Read a book, write a book, learn to code a website, or start a blog.
  • Take Up A Hobby – Art, dancing, photography, gymnastics, woodworking, and crafting are all hobby style activities that make you feel good about yourself and can sidetrack your mind when necessary.
  • Join A Community Sports Team – Many cities and parks host their own local sports teams. It’s great exercise and keeps the mind and body occupied.

Tips To Prevent Relapse

There are many tips to prevent relapse, but sometimes it will happen anyway. It’s important to have a plan to get right back on track if you do relapse. Call your NA sponsor, a family member, or close friend. Better Addiction Care at 1.800.429.7690 can connect you to the right facility to help you come out of your relapse stronger and more determined than before. Relapse is not failure, it’s a bump in the road to recovery.

Use every tool in your arsenal to prevent relapse, but don’t become discouraged if it happens. Get the help you need to get back in recovery. You can win the race.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get help right away. Make a phone call that will connect you to a professional drug treatment center. The call you make may save your life or the life of someone you love. Call us today at 1.800.429.7690.