How to Fix a Codependent Relationship

How to Fix a Codependent Relationship – Separating Love from Codependence

The lines between codependence and love may sometimes be blurred. As a parent, you love your children and do things for them that you would rather not do, such as wake up in the middle of the night to feed them. But when it comes to relationships where drug abuse is involved, putting the other person’s wellbeing before your own can mean that you are codependent. How to fix a codependent relationship so that it is transformed into a positive one will be discussed in this article.

Origins of Codependence

Many of us learn codependence from our parents. Behaviors such as unhealthy communication skills, being a martyr or having problems with boundaries are some of the things we pick up as children from our parents.

When a parent is emotionally unavailable, it can also be a cause of codependence later in the child’s life. When a relationship later starts, the person may be with someone who is also emotionally unavailable. They may think that with enough love and care, the person might suddenly change their behavior. Ultimately, the person is seeking the emotional expression of love that they never received from their parents. Many of these relationships are loveless and have unhealthy boundaries that cause continuous harm.

Much of the cause of codependence is the person’s belief that they don’t deserve the love they could get in a healthy relationship, opting to settle for something less that never quite pan out.

A person who is addicted to drug or alcohol is usually emotionally unavailable. A codependent person sees this as someone who they can try to fix, but in the end, it just perpetuates a continuous cycle.

Codependent signs are as follows:

How to Fix a Codependent Relationship

There are ways that on how to fix a codependent relationship that start with being honest with yourself. How to overcome codependency includes the following tips:

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