8 Mindfulness Activities for Relapse Prevention

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Discover 8 Mindfulness Activities for Relapse Prevention That Are Easy To Do

Relapse prevention is often the hardest part of leaving rehab. A study revealed that the first year of recovery is indeed the most difficult as 40 to 60 percent of the study participants relapsed. Preventing relapse is a significant part of the skills learned in rehab. Among them is mindfulness. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the mindfulness activities for relapse prevention that you can do.

1. Clean Up

Cleaning is one of the mindfulness activities for relapse prevention that can help to put you into a meditative state. The repetitive motions of mopping the floor or vacuuming help to clear your mind and ease stress and other negative emotions.

While cleaning, focus your mind on your movements, the sounds it makes and even the smell of the cleaners. The more you focus on the moment, the better the experience will be.

2. Go for a walk

Walking can be therapeutic, especially when you incorporate it with mindfulness techniques for relapse prevention. You can do it almost anywhere.

During your walk, focus your attention on the bottom of your feet every time they hit the ground. One should place each foot as if the soles of your feet are giving the earth a kiss.

3. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts as a hobby are enjoyed by thousands of people. As a part of mindfulness exercises for relapse prevention, activities such as knitting, painting or anything creating and somewhat repetitive can help you avoid substance abuse. The repetitive nature of these activities is what can allow you to slip into a meditative state.

4. Pick Up a Book

Mindfulness activities for relapse prevention are aimed at focusing your mind in a personal space. Reading is one such activity that allows you to be enveloped in a personal mind-space. You can choose to read a fictional story or continue your recovery education by reading inspirational books.

5. Put Your Focus on an Object

One of the well-known methods of meditation is to focus intensely on a single object until everything else fades away. Any object will do – from a tree gently blowing in the wind to a candle flame. Allow the intrusive thoughts to come and go as you drift deeper into a meditative state.

6. Change the Way Your Eat

Bringing mindfulness to the way you eat can do more than just improve your enjoyment of food; it can also help to stop binge eating. Focus on the small things such as the feel of the food in your mouth, your eating pace, the smells and the different tastes. Chew your food slowly to allow yourself to experience more of the sensations.

7. Dance!

Dancing as one of the mindfulness techniques for relapse prevention that can be a great way to not only get into a relaxed, meditative state mentally, but it can give you healthy exercise too – another relapse prevention method.

The act of moving to the beat of your favorite song, especially one that has 60 beats per minute, can put you into alpha brainwave territory. Alpha brain waves can cause you to enter into the relaxed, conscious state that you are after.

8. Plant Something

Planting new seedlings and getting rid of unwanted weeds is another one of the great mindfulness exercises for relapse prevention. You get to appreciate the fresh air and all the wonders of nature while improving your home. Studies have discovered that gardening can bring about positive moods as well as bring down your cortisol levels.

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