Do Outpatient Rehab Centers Work?

How Well Do Outpatient Rehab Centers Work?

When a person decides that it’s finally time to get help for their addiction, they have two main choices to consider. The first is inpatient programs, which allows the addict to live at the rehab for however long the treatment is. The second is outpatient programs, which allows the addict to have a level of freedom to still see to other areas of their life, such as work or school. When the addict cannot take time away from school, work or their family, then outpatient can be ideal. But do outpatient rehab centers actually work?

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of outpatient and the effectiveness of the program.

How Effective Are Outpatient Rehab Centers?

A 2007 study conducted on over 4,000 people who went into either inpatient or outpatient programs for substance abuse found that both the treatments were equally as effective. The study looked at both men and women in the criminal justice system. The results were not changed by the severity of the addiction or the type of drug that was abused by the individual – both were as effective.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab Centers

One of the biggest benefits of outpatient rehab centers is the autonomy. Not everyone is able to take up to a month off of their life to see to their addiction treatment needs. In outpatient addiction treatment near me, you can get all of the benefits of research-based treatment that you’d get from an inpatient program, but at a time that you can make such as after work or school. Most programs require that you come in on at least three separate days during a week and can carry on for months if needed.

The cost is another factor to consider. While most the outpatient drug rehab programs are covered in part by health insurance, the amount that you would have to pay at the end of the day is less than you would pay in an inpatient program mainly because there is no need to cover board and lodging.

As mentioned before, the findings in the study revealed that both inpatient and outpatient can be as effective at treatment. However, in an outpatient program, the addict must take more precautions to avoid relapse since they will have access to alcohol or drugs.

Who Uses Outpatient Drug Rehab?

As discussed, outpatient rehab is ideal for anyone who can’t take any time away from their responsibilities, but these are not the only people who benefit from the type of program. Addiction recovery is a long process. It does not end with just a month’s worth of inpatient rehab. Many people make use of outpatient care after they complete an intensive inpatient treatment plan. It can be a way for the recovering person to continue getting therapy while they take the time needed to adjust to their life again. This can especially useful for a person who relapses after they left an inpatient program.

Outpatient treatment can also be useful for a recovering addict who is going through a particularly difficult time in their life such as dealing with the loss of a loved one. It can be a way to reinforce their sobriety with effective therapy that allows them to work through the issues in a healthy way.

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